ID: 63235
Imperial War - Frontier Guards
Category: Guard
Group: Imperial Frontier
Level: 69
Recommended level: 69

Start NPC: Gesimund Burnhalder
End NPC: Gesimund Burnhalder
Quests chain: Imperial War - Frontier Guard
Quest completes automatically.
Next quest in the chain:
Imperial War - Frontier Guards
Defeat enemy kingdom players!
This quest needs to be completed at the Imperial Frontier.
You will get 5 points worth of medals by defeating an enemy player. Participating in an assist where an enemy player is defeated will give you 5 medals. You will receive 1 medal if you defeat a Pioneer Golden Eagle, and 2 medals for a Pioneer Leopard Rider.
Defeat the enemy's players and frontline soldiers!
Players who defeat the enemy's players and Imperial Golden Eagles and Imperial Leopard Riders can receive medals. If you collect more than 50 medals, you may submit the quest to Gesimund Burnhalder. (The quest will be forfeited automatically if it isn't completed by 23:59)

Gesimund Burnhalder: The enemy has repeatedly encroached our border and wounded many soldiers.

Gesimund Burnhalder: The furious border troops have requested army support. Will you go into battle alongside them?

Gesimund Burnhalder: Defeat enemy players, Imperial Golden Eagles, or Imperial Leopard Riders to earn merits, which can be cashed in for rewards from me. Good luck! Gesimund Burnhalder: Humph! Let's wait and see if they dare come here. Well done. Here is your reward!

- Imperial Medallion
Base reward:

Bearing x 100
Additional info
Level to accept quest69 ~ 100
Level to complete quest69 ~ 100

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