ID: 59838
Get Node Dismissal Philter.
Category: Guard
Group: Sulan
Level: 33
Recommended level: 33

Start NPC: Rotfir Waes
End NPC: Rotfir Waes
Quests chain: Obtain Node Dismissal Philter
Are you looking for the Crafting Book of Node Dismissal Philter?
Node Dismissal Philters can be used to discard any one Node that is behind an unactivated Node. You can trade for 1 every week and carry only 1 at a time.
Pay Rotfir Waes 1 Gold Bar for 1 Ability Dismissal Philter.
I can pay Rotfir Waes 1 Gold Brick for 1 Node Dismissal Philter. You can only carry 1 Node Dismissal Philter at a time.
Rotfir Waes: You must be here to to collect the Node Dismissal Philter, right? But I need a Gold Brick in return

Rotfir Waes: One more thing, only one Node Dismissal Philter can be carried at a time

Rotfir Waes: Haha, you won't regret it. With your grasp on the market's pulse, you could become a good businessman.

- Node Dismissal Philter
Additional info
Level to accept quest33 ~ 100
Level to complete quest33 ~ 100

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