ID: 59826
Master Forager's Tome
Category: Guard
Group: Bearwold
Level: 30
Recommended level: 30

Start NPC: Foraging Master
End NPC: Foraging Master
Quests chain: Master Forager's Tome
Pass the Master Rations Cart's test to receive the Master Forager's Tome
The Master Rations Cart relies on his lifetime of experience to select and confirmed the odd cooking ingredients, which can then be employed in remarkable works. But this effect won't last forever, only 7 days. Pay the Master Rations Cart your study fees every week to get the benefit of his remarkable Master Forager's Tome
Pay your student fees with 3 bars of gold and receive his Master's Tome
Give the Master Rations Cart 3 gold bars to pay for your studies, and receive his mastery (lasts for 7 days). You can do one test per week. Refreshes every Sunday at midnight
Foraging Master: Do you want to become an esteemed master forager and learn its true essence? I will teach you if - you first pay a fee.

Foraging Master: Don't waste your unique foraging skills. Remember, the offer I gave you will last only seven days.

- Master Forager's Tome
Base reward:

867 XP
Additional info
Level to accept quest30 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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