ID: 59812
Reduce snow prowler population.
Category: Guard
Group: Tusenwood
Level: 20
Recommended level: 20

Start NPC: Archon Arach
End NPC: Archon Arach
Quests chain: Thunderbow Camp - Helping the Wingar
The beginning of a friendship with the Wingar.
Help Archon Arach hunt down excess snow prowlers.
Hunt for snow prowlers.
Help Archon Arach get rid of the excess snow prowlers.
Archon Arach: These Snow Prowlers have been going crazy recently! Howling every night.

Archon Arach: You! Help me to punish those Snow Prowlers! Hahaha.

Archon Arach: Mm, we will remember the loyalty you have shown us!

Base reward:

795 XP
Wingar Favor x 300
Additional info
Level to accept quest20 ~ 100
Level to complete quest20 ~ 100

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