ID: 59811
Feed the bear
Category: Guard
Group: Tusenwood
Level: 20
Recommended level: 20

Start NPC: Hungry Ursid
End NPC: Hungry Ursid
Quests chain: Bearwold - Helping the Ursid
The beginning of a friendship with the Ursid.
A starving bear is scrounging for food outside Bearwold. Feed it to make friends with bears.
Go fish for bucktooth salmons
Fish for bucktooth salmons to feed the starving bear.
Hungry Ursid: Are you… a friend of those bird people?

Hungry Ursid: I don't care any more, can you help me fish some more of this big tooth fish? I'm so hungry…

Hungry Ursid: Use of the sweet bait I gave you. You can fish from any water nearby.

Hungry Ursid: Thank you. Thank you! You are a good man!

Base reward:

795 XP
Ursid Favor x 300
Additional info
Level to accept quest20 ~ 100
Level to complete quest20 ~ 100

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