ID: 59751
Handmade Equipment
Category: Guard
Group: Fort Whetstone
Level: 70
Recommended level: 70

Quests chain: Old Qin - Handmade Equipment
Marley Scourgefall is the Equipment Crafting Master, but he is also very weird. The mysterious master never makes equipment for people but he is willing to give ones that he deem worthy his Crafting Manual. Great hero, if you are the worthy one, go find Master Scourgefall!
The Orcs will leave in 2 hours, so go now.
Go to Karstwald, kill the orcs and get the precious goods back. Of course, if you don't want to take the risk, there are other ways of obtaining the precious goods.
Go to Karstwald and slay Orcs for precious goods
. Or you can buy them from a grocery store anywhere.
Go to Karstwald and slay Orcs for precious goods.
Board: <font color = '#217aa6'>$c</font>'s valuable goods have been stolen. It's said that they were stolen by an Orc while they were being sent through the roads around Karstwald. Go and help him.

Board: Aya, this is something that kills people. Go and help as soon as you can... <font color = '#217aa6'>$c</font> will surely repay you.

Board: Thank you for finding the cargo I wanted.

Base reward:

15925 XP
Additional info
Level to accept quest70 ~ 79
Level to complete quest70 ~ 79

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