ID: 59597
Handmade Equipment
Category: Guard
Group: Sidus Ur
Level: 50
Recommended level: 50

End NPC: Guard Captain
Quests chain: Old Qin - Handmade Equipment
Marley Scourgefall is the Equipment Crafting Master, but he is also very weird. The mysterious master never makes equipment for people but he is willing to give ones that he deem worthy his Crafting Manual. Great hero, if you are the worthy one, go find Master Scourgefall!
The Fort Whetstone Guard worked so hard both his hands are cracked, the people felt very thankful, they would like this Snowflake Paste to be delivered to him as soon as possible.
Deliver Snowflake Paste to the Fort Whetstone Guard
Board: Last time I went to Fort Whetstone, I saw the <font color='#217aa6'>Guard Captain</font>‘s hands were chapped by the northern weather. That's not an easy life.

Board: I specially made some Snowflake Tea Cream for him. It'll be good for his hands and feet. <font color='#992e52'>$p</font>, please help me take it to him.

Board: Wow, how can I thank you enough... the north may be a bit rough, but as a bit of a basic individual I've got used to it for so long.

Board: I don't have anything to thank you with. Have these two treasure maps. I heard it's something set up by that Cita Ceres guy. By chance I got two.

Board: To tell you the truth, apart from their wine, I'm not that interested in the Civet playthings they have to offer, have it, maybe you'll end up finding some treasure.

- Workman’s Gift Chest
- Workman’s Gift Chest
Base reward:

10075 XP
Additional info
Level to accept quest50 ~ 59
Level to complete quest50 ~ 79

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