Luminous Moon Axe Illumination Axe Spiritual Illumination Axe Lord's Axe Pearl Shell Coral Seaweed Wiltwood Axe Stomp Battleaxe Cataclysmic Axe Vanguard's Blessing Axe Sea Deity Axe Novitiate Battleaxe Falcon Axe Leopard's Cunning Axe Tiger's Roar Axe Dagger Flurry★★ Elemental Fury ★★★ Sword Salvo★★ Ironsoul Axe Infernal Orb ★★★ Dragon - Thunder ★★★ Basic Member Card VIP Limited Purchase Gift Pack 1st Day Resting Magic Pill 3rd Day Resting Magic Pill 7th Day Resting Magic Pill Favor Talisman Treasure Dig Item Mountain River Map All-server Horn 7th Day Expression 1 7th Day Expression 2 7th Day Expression 3 7th Day Expression 4 Dark Moon ★★★ Void Banishment★★ Cosmic Ripple Tidal Blade★★ Celestial Aura of Protection ★★★ Phoenix - Star Path ★★★ Large Stall Certificate 1 Large Stall Certificate 2 Large Stall Certificate 3 Large Stall Certificate 4 Large Stall Certificate 5 Auction Certificate Signature Item 1 Signature Item 2 Signature Item 3 Signature Item 4 Signature Item 5 Post-Sign Item Lost Package Wing Craft Talisman Mount Precision Talisman Small Tail Strengthening Talisman Small Tail Weakening Talisman Large Tail Strengthening Talisman Large Tail Weakening Talisman Gift 1 Gift 2 Gift 3 Gift 4 Gift 5 Heart of Orange Mirage True Heart of True Orange True Mirage Clothing Wedding Invitation Wedding Wine True Fallenmoon Magic Sword Wedding Banquet Guild Item 1 Guild Item 2 Guild Item 3 Guild Item 4 Guild Item 5 Six Branches Purchase Order Six Branches Purchase Order Seven Holes Spirit Shaper 1 Seven Holes Spirit Shaper 2 Seven Holes Spirit Shaper 3 Seven Holes Spirit Shaper 4 Seven Holes Spirit Shaper 5 Exuberant Growth Service Vanisher's Scroll Value Pack Cultivation Boost Value Pack Battle Support Value Pack Growth Service XP Pack Warfiend Magic Sword Tumultuous Magic Sword Luminous Moon Magic Sword Illumination Magic Sword Spiritual Illumination Magic Sword Lord's Magic Sword Vegetable Oil Refined Salt Vinegar Scallions, Ginger, and Garlic Wiltwood Magic Sword Stomp Magic Sword Cataclysmic Magic Sword Vanguard's Blessing Magic Sword Sea Deity Magic Sword Novitiate Magic Sword Falcon Magic Sword Leopard's Cunning Magic Sword Tiger's Roar Magic Sword Duelist - Feathered Sword ★★★ Pentastrike ★★★ Blinding Steel★★ Duelist - Path to Pain ★★★ Retribution ★ Withering Pall ★★★ Gladius Throw★★ Righteous Spirit Magic Sword 90 Violet Twilight (Test) 100 Violet Twilight (Test) Shattering Blow★★ Cyclone Burst ★ Ragefire Chop ★★ Tactician - Club ★★ Tactician - Mountain Armor ★★★ Tactician - Windmill ★★★ Extermination★★ Nova Magic Sword - Spirit First Sounding Twin Blades First Sounding Twin Blades Shinji's Favorite Blade Initial Heart Twin Blades Twin Blades made by Akuta True Airsplitter Twin Blades (Test) Raging Ape Twin Blades Ultimate Wolfbane Twin Blades Wolfbane Twin Blades Ultimate Airsplitter Twin Blades Raging Ape Twin Blades Proudlight Twin Blades Ultimate Proudlight Twin Blades Azure Deity Twin Blades Airsplitter Twin Blades Midnight Twin Blades Springtide Proudlight Twin Blades Dark Wind Twin Blades Blizzard True Midnight Twin Blades