True Shoreman's Leather Garment (Test) True Shoreman's Leather Garment (Test) True Shoreman's Leather Garment (Test) Premium Brawler's Philter Refined Hood Flight Hood Poltergeist Hood Masterpiece Hood Premium Rage Philter Old Crab Cake Old Crab Cake Tome of Forgiveness Old Roasted Lamb Old Roast Blowfish S-type Heat Crawler Darksteel War Horse Golden War Horse M-type Heat Crawler Moondrinker Deer Ancient Peregrine Bloodfang Colossus Auspicious Steed Green Prop Mech White Swan Meteor Rickshaw Frost Lens Muscle Pill Restorative Philter Medium Jade Extract (Old) Coarse Seastone (old) Blackstone (Old) Calaite (old) Goldstone - Old Maple Bloodstone (Old) Rose Stone (old) Red Mica (Old) Sandstone (old) Earthen Gold - Old Purple Obsidian (Old) Star Velvet (Old) Eventide Kelp - Old Cremini Mushroom (Old) Spirit Grass - Old Crantean Fern (Old) Four-leaf Clover - Old Edelweiss (Old) Desert Thorn (old) Nine-colored Lotus (old) Witch Hazel (old) Mahogany (old) Bamboo (old) Grey Pine - Old Hickory (old) Thornbaum (old) White Maple (old) Elkwood (Old) Ancient Ebony (old) Sacred Cherry (Old) Golden Scarwood (old) Basic Component - Old Intermediate Components (old) Advanced Components (old) Basic Building Materials - Old Intermediate Building Material - Old Advanced Building Materials - Old Venison (old) Spirit Spores (old) Level 45 Silversmith Practice Scroll Clarity Tome Wolf Meat (old) Spider Meat (old) Arboreal Jute (old) Cotton Scroll - Old Brocade (old) Apparel Item I - Old Animal Hide (old) Suede (old) Apparel Item I - Old Apparel Part III (old) Apparel Item IV - Old Hemp - Old Cotton Scroll (Old) Cotton (old) Old Pot of Sunflower Duck Old Apple, Pork and Fish Soup Enlightenment Tome Rice - Old Rice Noodles (Old) Rice Noodle (old) Sticky Rice (old) Sticky Rice Starch (old) Ear of Wheat (old) Flour (old) Soybeans (old) Bean Paste - Old Tofu - Old Lean Meat (old) Old Sporecloud Mushroom Soup Pork Trotters (old) Pork Liver (old) Pork Bones (old) Chicken Breast (old) Chicken Wing - Old Chicken Feet (old) Chicken Leg (old) Chicken Egg - Old Mutton (Old) Mutton Chops (Old) Beef (old) Milk (old) Oil (Old) Salt (Old) Bean Sauce - Old Vinegar - Old Maple Sugar (old) Steel Battle Armor Cumin (old) Mustard (old) Sesame Oil (Old) Sichuan Pepper (old) Chicken Stock (old) Steel Tyrant Armor Ursid Bladder - Old Turtle Shell (old) Tomato (old) Potato - Old Carrot (old) Old Sporecloud Mushroom Soup Wild Herb - Old Ironrider - Fine Wine (Old) Old Antler and Tortoise Soup Old Jujube Pork Soup Fortress Firewater - Old Fresh Potable Old Spicy Soup Peach Blossom Petals - Old Tiger's Roar - Old Fresh Potable Honey (old) Red Bean - Old Cherry Blossom - Old Pine Seed (old) Walnut (old) Dark Wind Battle Armor Basic Turret Combination Material (old) Intermediate Turret Components Intermediate Turret Combination Material (old) Advanced Turret Components Advanced Turret Combination Material (old) Old Sweetfruit Syrup Special Turret Combination Material (old)