Sulan County Treasure Map Karstad County Treasure Map Lampyr Creek & Snowpine County Treasure Map Sulan Inlaid Treasure Map Hong Meng's Epic Lampyr Creek & Snowpine County Inlaid Treasure Map Revelation Record - Page Revelation Record - Scroll Fragment Chasm Dragon Seal - Heavens Chasm Dragon Seal - Earth Chasm Dragon Seal - People Seal of the Chasm Dragon Pretty Small Beads Elementary Mana Armor Scroll 1 - Inferno Elementary Mana Armor 1 - Aptitude Elementary Mana Armor Scroll 1 - Steel Elementary Focused Fire Scroll 1 - Flame Beast of Burden S-type Heat Crawler Darksteel War Horse Golden War Horse Level 1 Physique Boost Medicine - Old Gold Loop Elementary Focused Fire Scroll 1 - Steel Old Level 10 Physique Boost Medicine Moondrinker Deer Mother Whale Ancient Peregrine Giant Rhino Midnight Rider Old Level 15 Physique Boost Medicine Auspicious Steed Green Prop Mech Big Camel C-type Heat Crawler Wolf Fang Occultist - Cross-server Warrior - Third-Generation Blue Fish White Swan Meteor Rickshaw The Peculiar Scroll Level 1 Demon Scroll - Sulan Level 25 Physique Boost Medicine (Old) Old Level 30 Physique Boost Medicine Level 4 Mystery Treasure Scroll - Lampyr Level 4 Demon Scroll - Lampyr Level 4 Search Scroll - Lampyr Old Level 35 Physique Boost Medicine Level 40 Physique Boost Medicine (Old) Level 7 Demon Scroll - Snowpine Level 7 Search Scroll - Snowpine Old Level 45 Physique Boost Medicine Level 10 Mystery Treasure Scroll - Karstad Level 10 Demon Scroll - Karstad Vanguard - All Server Runner Up - Third Generation Vanguard - All Server 3rd Place - Third Generation Vanguard - Cross-server Warrior - Third-Generation Aurum XP Social XP Excelsior War Medal Blademaster - All Server Champion - Third-Generation Completion Points Voucher Black Empress Points Fishing Expertise Adventure Favor Bird Token Level 70 Physique Boost Medicine (Old) King Points Red Emperor Points White Empress Points Imperial Society Merit Sulan Favor Fort Whetstone Favor Tidewater Favor Falmari Favor Immortal Annex Favor Hyphaean Favor Ursid Favor Blademaster - Cross-server Warrior - Third-Generation Northern Wolf Favor Lily Ersina Favor Black Market Favor Snowpine Reach Favor Leshy Favor Node Dismissal Philter Sidus Ur Favor Exploration Points Acclaim Five Wardens Favor Ausgyth Points Honor rank for brave service in the Imperial War Mentor Merit Demonslayer Points Attack Pellet Large Defense Pellet Bloodlust Clear Total Dismissal Philter Attack Pill Crit Rune Resolve Rune Parry Rune Large Replenish Pellet Dragon's Breath Stone Spinach Life Skill Recipe 1 Life Skill Recipe 2 Life Skill Recipe 3 Life Skill Recipe 4 Total Dismissal Philter Test Gun Carriage Mask Test Item 1 Lost Scroll Christmas Treasure - Wasted Plains Christmas Treasure - Chaffon Paddock Christmas Treasure - Muroc Wetlands Christmas Treasure - Ersich Forest Christmas Treasure - Eventide Bay Christmas Treasure - Velvet Lea Christmas Treasure - Amanita Hamlet Christmas Treasure - Kartswald Battle Raiment Christmas Treasure - Sandswept Barrens New Guild Executive New Attendant Velvet Lea Pledge - Lantern Festival Sulan Refinement Item Tier Bead of Tidewater Ceremony Sulan Shop Cost Mist's Secret Treasure Sun Secret Treasure Duskcloud Secret Treasure Starry Night Secret Treasure Sulan Cultivation Tome Peach Dreamer Fragrance Jade Point - Martial Attire Dogfish Strife Outfit Male Whale Male Duck Male Goose Men's Boxer Shorts Men's Boxer Shorts Female Base Garment Female Base Garment Jade Rabbit Gold Crow Diva