Mudskipper Razorback Glowfish Snouted Kisser Sailfish Trifinned Catfish Butterfly Sturgeon Faux-piranha Spiritfish Sturgeon Potbelly Shark Fishtail Conch Larvae Small Conch Large Conch Mysterious Fish Mysterious Fish Pond Sprite Vanguard Deity - Warrior of the Cosmos - First-Generation Dragon Viper Common Enlightenment Philter Shears Premium Enlightenment Philter Withering Pall ★★★ Rare Compass Guidance Plate White Tiger 4th Place Treasure Box Bobo's Treasure Hunting Box Mycela's Alchemy Set Soul Grid's Power - Level 4 Soul Grid Soul Grid's Power - Level 5 Soul Grid Every year, a little fish! Silver Sign-in Pack Gold Sign-in Pack Whitehorse Red Horse Blackhorse Beast of Burden S-type Heat Crawler Darksteel War Horse Golden War Horse M-type Heat Crawler Alpha Wave Zero Ashwing Crane Thundermane Steel Puma Tuskie Cursesteed Moondrinker Deer Mother Whale Ancient Peregrine Giant Rhino Midnight Rider Bloodfang Colossus Auspicious Steed Green Prop Mech Big Camel C-type Heat Crawler Wolf Fang Stellarus Turquoise Whale White Swan Armored Rhino Bone Steed Dark Raven Boddie Beetle Trunkie Dragoncat Ancient Peregrine Lion Bronze War Rhino Silver War Rhino Gold War Rhino Wyrmie Thousand-edge Flying Sword Meteor Rickshaw Frost Lens Clearwind Sword Lunara Armored Beast Meteor Rickshaw Initial Heart Top Big White Flameborn Tyrant Peeps Paint Test Flying Nimbus Mystical Gourd - Luck Mystical Gourd - Fortune Mystical Gourd- Potential Mystical Gourd- Thought Mystical Gourd- Gold Mystical Gourd- Jade Mystical Gourd- Contentment Mystical Gourd- Loyalty Advanced Steel Puma Advanced Ashwing Crane Rainbow Stag Happy Birthday! Flying Scroll Midnight Whale Ivory Whale Sky Voyager Three-person Hot Air Balloon Magic Gold Dragon Boat Ghostscale Palm-leaf Fan Heart of the Tiger Treasure Box Eye of the Tiger Treasure Box White Tiger's Embrace Treasure Box Felinar Sky Voyager - Modified Small Money Pouch Big Lucky Money Pouch Bobo's Gold Chest Green Dragon's Preservation (I) Basic Turret Components Green Dragon's Blessing (I) Wooden Compass Tidal Enmity Crystal Battle Dance Hat Green Dragon's Blessing (II) White Tiger's Preservation (I) White Tiger Blessing 1 Basic Billets - Primary Novice Spirit Bells Scroll 1 - Soul White Tiger Blessing 2 Common Sagacity Philter Revelation Online Supreme Pack Revelation Online Tasting Novice Gift Revelation Online Exclusive Gold Pack Revelation Online Welcome Gold Pack Revelation Online Enjoyment Silver Pack Excelsior - Glory of the Guild Reason's Grief - Box of Gratitude Lucky Pouch - Tripod Christmas Treasure Legacy of the Holy War Tower of Pain Excelsior Pearl Golden Compass Christmas Treasure Map Gift Small Loyalty Cache Normal Loyalty Cache Large Loyalty Cache Comrade Summon Reward I Comrade Summon Reward II Comrade Summon Reward III