Reckless Rune Tenacity Rune Sobriety Soup Material Elemental Rhythm Orb (Water) Leshy Branch Bundle Refined Shoes Flight Boots Poltergeist Shoes Inductor (Heaven) Masterpiece Shoes Inductor (Flight) Broken Pot Body Detection record Essence Crystal Essence Energy French Steak Spade Buried Medicine Box Book of Letters Blood Coral Essence Crystal Apple Vinegar Ritual Artifact Observation Record - Bottom Cunning Transference★★ Observation Record Light Bringer - Spirit Protection ★★★ Old Camellia Dew Cangnan Grass Archon of Light ★★★ Coconut Milk (Old) Divine Power Leaching Agent Light Bringer - Gods' Blessing ★★★ Coconut Milk Spring Water Light Bringer - War Dance ★ Verdant Dew Bonds of Light ★ Rare Item Summer Dew Hornwort Tea Dark Oolong Glass of Lampyrian Ambrosia Fine Silk Pack Scroll Brocade Pack Scroll Tree Leaves Strange Leaf Redfire Ore Dragonfly Repair Secret Tract Dragon Wings Improvement Spell Mid Autumn Warfiend Totem To Warfiend Totem You Red Jade Ring Dowry Crate Sprout Totem (Test) Recovery Medicine Stone Maker True Stone Maker Essence of Spring Totem - Spirit Stone Maker Deer Stampede ★ True Stone Maker Deadeye Shot ★ Investigation Record Jade Mountain Stones (Waste) Relentless Hurricane★★ Ancient Refining Stone Blazing Charge★★ Ancient Refining Stone Smite ★★★ Dragon's Breath Tickets Dragon's Breath Tickets Refined Ring Initial Heart Staff Hexer's Orb Flight Ring Sunspell Staff Ultimate Fire Staff Ultimate Magnificent Staff Dark Moon ★★★ Void Banishment★★ Poltergeist Ring Fire Staff Colethir Staff Ultimate Colethir Staff Azure Deity Staff True Sunspell Staff Masterpiece Ring Serene Demon's Rancor Livid Sunfear Staff Dark Wind Staff Death's Scroll - Void Conflagrant Dangling Earrings Concealed Dragon Dangling Earrings Dragonchaser Dangling Earrings Twilight Earrings Grand Sunspell Staff Nightfall Rebirth Emptiness Staff Immortal Legacy Point of No Return Shining Staff Warfiend Broadsword Rumbling Thunder Talisman Flamescar Staff Life Flow ★★★ Deadeye Shot ★ Strafe★★ Rocket Barrage★★ Juggernaut Armor ★★★ Comet Strike ★★★ Death's Scroll - Arcane Shining Staff Rumbling Thunder Talisman Cunning Transference★★ Archon of Light ★★★ Bonds of Light ★ Arcane Collusion★★ Demon's Touch★ Dance of Death★★ Siphoning Spirits★★ Cure Rune Physical Defense Rune Magic Defense Rune Crit Reduction Rune Tempered Edge Tempered edged Rune Parry Cure Rune Dodge Cure Rune Physical Damage Rune Magic Damage Rune Accurate Attack Rune Bloodlust Rune Magic Defense Rune Special Skill Rune Special Skill Reduction Rune Crit Increment Rune Quenching rune Break Essence Rune Mana Wrench Rune Crit Rune Physical Defense Break Rune Magic Defense Break Rune Advanced Cure Rune Advanced Physical Defense Rune