Wellspring of Knowledge Heavenly Vanguard Fast Bloomer Quick Talent Total Chowhound Staple of Revelation Blossomer Champion Lonely Aristocrat Somebody Love Me, Please! Smarty Pants Check Out The Big Brain On Me! Trivia God Encyclopedic Knowledge Erudite Bookworm Outstanding and Prestigious FFF's Ragefire FFF's Ragefire Vengeful Soloman Vengeful Soloman Army Official - Monster Slayer Army Noble - Ausgyth is Unworthy Champion Noble - The World is Unworthy Forum Legend I'm Truly a Good Person A Good Person When seeking friends, I care not about wealth Lieutenant Reveler Fond of Merriment Parvenu Par Excellence I'm Pretty Popular Sword Baron King of Swords Supreme Return Stands Above All Cold-Hearted Dead Weight Revelation Carnival Days True Love - Towards Fate Christmas Terminator Cooked Turkey Santa's Little Helper Presents Thief Happy to Help Earnest to a Fault Genius of Ausgyth Love at First Sight Lucky Star Best CP Revelation Cafe - My Show Ausgyth Chronicler Imperial Decree Envoy Heaven's Pride - Unique Revelation Schoolyard Adventurer Great Teacher Brilliant Teacher Renowned Great Teacher Jibi's Sadness Somebody Likes Me Forever Hand-in-Hand Conflagrant Band Concealed Dragon Band Dragonchaser Band Syzygy Band Dangerous Force Empire's Battle God of Bravery Dragon Tamer Hand-in-Hand - Glorious Ausgyth Cutie Squad Tyrant Child Loser Child Superstar Popularity Upstart You've taken so many rewards, your hands are cramping. Reward Expert Graceful Warrior Ausgyth Know-It-All Popularity Newbie Conflagrant Band Concealed Dragon Band Dragonchaser Band Twilight Band Windwalker Receiver Warfiend Receiver Heavensfall Receiver Luminous Moon Receiver Conflagrant Earrings Concealed Dragon Earrings Dragonchaser Earrings New Moon Earrings Dragonsoar Receiver Night Receiver Soulvibe Receiver Ironsoul Receiver Enchanted Receiver Novitiate's Cannon Blazing Receiver (Celestial Weapon Test) Bottle of Honey Occident Stag Tendon Cure Rune Physical Defense Rune Magic Defense Rune Crit Reduction Rune Tempered Edge Tempered edged Rune Parry Cure Rune Dodge Cure Rune Physical Damage Rune Magic Damage Rune Accurate Attack Rune Bloodlust Rune Magic Defense Rune Special Skill Rune Special Skill Reduction Rune Crit Increment Rune Quenching rune Break Essence Rune Mana Wrench Rune Crit Rune Physical Defense Break Rune Magic Defense Break Rune Crackshot - Armored Guard ★★★ Sensory Beads Advanced Cure Rune Advanced Physical Defense Rune Advanced Magic Defense Rune Advanced Crit Reduction Rune Advanced Tempered Edge Rune Advanced Tempered edged Rune Advanced Parry Cure Rune Advanced Dodge Cure Rune Advanced Physical Damage Rune Advanced Magic Damage Rune Advanced Accurate Attack Rune Advanced Bloodlust Rune Advanced Magic Defense Rune Advanced Special Skill Rune Advanced Special Skill Reduction Rune Advanced Crit Increment Rune Advanced Quenching Rune Advanced Break Essence Rune Advanced Mana Wrench Rune Advanced Crit Rune Advanced Physical Defense Break Rune Advanced Magic Defense Break Rune Speedy Rune Dexterity Rune Freedom Rune Impunity Rune Kong Rune