Darkscale Stone Darkscale Heart Darkscale Stone Darkscale Heart Divine Upgrade Featherstone Divine Upgrade Featherstone Mount Stone Jade Mount Stone Jade Aniline Essence Aniline Essence Researcher's Heart Researcher's Heart Tiger Lieutenant Apparel Soul Dragon General Apparel Soul Imperial Blade Fragment Broken Imperial Blades White Empress Blade Savvy White Empress Sword Sense Imperial Blade Fragment Broken Imperial Blades White Empress Blade Savvy White Empress Sword Sense Love Certificate Heart of Demonflame Heart of Demonflame Sirius Sirius Divine Light Star Divine Light Star I Love Enchanted Shield Revelation A B Flame Gold Angel Fragment Misty Rain Heart Misty Rain Heart Estival Penny Cool Ice Crystal Shard Cool Ice Crystal Summer Mackerel Sanya Trip Drawing Ticket Alien Computer Drawing Ticket Mouse & Keyboard Drawing Ticket Vitality Heart Vitality Heart Summer Heart Summer Heart White Swan Heart White Swan Heart Carved Rune IV Carved Rune IV Cute Heart Cute Heart Security Certificate Gift I Security Certificate Gift II Security Certificate Gift III Security Certificate Gift IV Security Certificate Gift V Security Certificate Gift VI Security Certificate Gift VII Security Certificate Gift - Ultimate Luck Magpie Flight's Heart Magpie Flight's Heart Meteor Rickshaw Heart Meteor Rickshaw Heart Tender Joy Fragments Peach Gift I Peach Gift II Peach Gift III Gold Grain Harvest Grain Good Year Ferment Fire Thunder Run Soulskill Gold Grain Class Season Drawing Ticket Apocalypse Star Apocalypse Star Battle Spirit Pearl Military Spirit Pearl Parasite Sapling Highwind Kettle Destruction Tools Disgusting Bug Fortune Eggshell Double Eleven Music Shake I Double Eleven Music Shake II Double Eleven Music Shake III Double Eleven Music Shake IV Ultimate Moneybag Seal Essence Bracelet Contract Seal Essence Bracelet Contract Seal Essence Bracelet Fragment Seal Essence Bracelet Forge License Seal Essence Bracelet Forge License Fortune Egg Ticket Fortune Egg Ticket Ancient Ruby Coral Gibmorn Wyn Notes Demon Idea Christmas Stocking - Beginner Soul Grid Christmas Stocking - Intermediate Soul Grid Christmas Stocking Elixir Christmas Stocking Talisman Imbuing Christmas Stocking Candy Box Christmas Stocking Loud Voice Christmas Stocking Dungeon Admittance Christmas Stocking Battle Medicine Christmas Stocking Ancient Voice Christmas Stocking Bunch of Candy Christmas Stocking - Advanced Soul Grid Christmas Stocking - Super Soul Grid Christmas Stocking Snowflake Wings Christmas Stocking Red Ticket Christmas Stocking Big White Christmas Stocking Growth Service Christmas Snowflake Soothing Agent Christmas Accessory Exchange Ticket Christmas Stocking 3-Month Growth Service Christmas Stocking Half-Month Growth Service Christmas Stocking Precious Map Fragment East Precious Map Fragment South Precious Map Fragment West Precious Map Fragment North Precious Map Fragment Christmas Treasure Map Christmas Accessory Ticket Christmas Snowflake Loyalty I Loyalty II Loyalty III Vortex Soul Skill of Fire Loyalty V Loyalty VI Loyalty VII Loyalty VIII Loyalty IX One with Peers Swift Thoughts Swift Thoughts Pulse of Savvy Pulse of Savvy Magic Spirit Crystal I Magic Spirit Crystal II Magic Spirit Crystal III Magic Spirit Crystal IV Magic Spirit Crystal V