Premium Ardent Philter Common Enlightenment Philter Premium Enlightenment Philter Divine Enlightenment Philter Common Sagacity Philter Premium Sagacity Philter Common Brutality Philter Premium Brutality Philter Divine Brutality Philter Common Thundrous Philter Premium Thundrous Philter Common Zealot's Philter Premium Zealot's Philter Neutral Wood Essence Common Rage Philter Premium Rage Philter Common Brawler's Philter God's Blessing Elixir Level 1 Medicine Practice Tortoise Shell Elixir Spirit Shell Elixir Levity Surge Elixir Level 25 Artifice Practice Sage's Brew Thick Skin Elixir Spell Caster's Elixir Essence of Spring Elixir Neutral Fluid Essence Cod Liver Oil Crystals Cod Liver Oil Essence Reinvigoration Element R Reinvigoration Element S Reinvigoration Element T Intellect Stimulant Tea Extract Common Hawkeye Philter Level 15 Medicine Practice Divine Hawkeye Philter Divine Zealot's Philter Premium Precision Philter Level 5 Outfitter Practice Level 20 Medicine Practice Type 3 Tool Potential Modification Level 25 Medicine Practice Lime Advanced Billets - Ring Rock Elixir Common Billets - Necklace Advanced Magic Defense Seal Component Special Billets - Ring Level 25 Alchemy Practice Level 35 Artifice Practice Elixir of Haste Silk Level 35 Outfitter Practice Superior Whetstone Stout Divine Stalwart Philter Level 35 Utensil Practice Wood Gum Alchemy Pot Impunity Elixir Level 30 Alchemy Practice Level 5 Silversmith Practice Purification Oil Type 1 Tool Potential Modification Brocade Level 35 Architecture Practice Common Formulation - Weapon Carving Knife Premium Zealous Philter Cod Liver Oil Granules Acidic Wood Essence Level 35 Alchemy Practice Copper Shards Whetstone Ale Iron Nails Wild Silk Yarn Apparel Part I Combustion Agent Level 25 Chef Practice Test Tube Level 40 Alchemy Practice Steel Shards Alkaline Spectral Essence Level 10 Chef Practice Divine Speed Wings Iron Plate Dye Premium Hawkeye Philter Level 45 Alchemy Practice Level 45 Chef Practice Common Precision Philter Level 45 Crafting Practice Coarse Hemp Pack Tongs Special Formulation - Accessory Common Billets - Primary Advanced Billets - Necklace Chaffon Sunshine Advanced Billets - Primary 暗之龙魂·极 暗之龙魂·极 暗之龙魂·极 战魂 战魂 破之龙魂·极 破之龙魂·极 破之龙魂·极 韧之龙魂 韧之龙魂 韧之龙魂 Baby的祝福 Baby的祝福 鸣之龙魂 鸣之龙魂 鸣之龙魂 噬魂·Ⅲ 噬魂·Ⅲ 荒之魂 荒之魂 祖龙之力 祖龙之力 军魂 军魂 黄帝之力 黄帝之力 战魂 战魂 护之龙魂·极 护之龙魂·极 护之龙魂·极 战魂 战魂 曜之龙魂·极 曜之龙魂·极 曜之龙魂·极 佑之龙魂 佑之龙魂 佑之龙魂 Baby的庇护 Baby的庇护 灵之龙魂 灵之龙魂 灵之龙魂 噬魂·Ⅳ 噬魂·Ⅳ 锐之龙魂 锐之龙魂 锐之龙魂