Windwave Magic Ring Enemy Breaker Grand Fist Dance Mountain Shake 1H Strike Quick Jump Back Energy Assault Boulder Assault Bat Summon Pearl Prison Wrist Strike Claw Strike Cyclo-claw Soaring Dragon Bloom Jumping Fish Depth Bloody Claw Banana Throw Spirit Spray Putrid Air Arctonyx Bite Sleigh Crush Fierce Bloodclaw Ultrasonic Radiation Quick Retreat Sickle Hook Slash Sickle Hook Whirlwind Sickle Hook Drag Horn Gore Dirt Spray Bite Assault Magic Morale Boost Bully Whirlwind Fissure Chop Half Moon Strike Light of Darkness Ring of Darkness Light of Darkness Mana Burst Evil's Arrival Whirling Jug Waning Moon Break Shave White Empress's Blessing Heaven's Mark Ragefire Chop Truth Blade Gust Virulent Oldfang Switch Places Power Chaser (Phase 1) Dual Cape Chop Penetrator Sword Instant Double Dragon Dance Dark Attack Darkness Summon Five Force Chop Great Sword Cross Cut Tyrant Spin Worldbreaker Strike Deterrence Hammer Dance Hammer Assault Ragefire Hammer Gyro Dance Soul Hammer Chop Break Round Sorcerer's Whip Extinguish Harm Lion's Bite Lion Steel Claw Tail Raid Aerial Blade Chop Lion's Angry Roar Flame Form Dark Sacrifice Sky Soulbreaker Magic Charge Obsidian Power Lubricating Oil Divine Solace Philter Performance - Maracas Level 1 Crafting Practice Paint Level 10 Apparel Practice Level 5 Crafting Practice Compact Sticks Sulan Fried Rice Heavy Flagstone Level 15 Apparel Practice Level 10 Crafting Practice Common Repair Pack Special Turret Components Flux Level 1 Blacksmith Practice Insubstantial Stone Blocks Stabilizing Agent Premium Stalwart Philter Level 15 Crafting Practice Crude Ornament Repair Pack Alkaline Fire Essence Divine Healing Lozenge Special Gate Building Materials Level 20 Crafting Practice Flexible Boards Premium Solace Philter Common Ornament Repair Pack Neutral Fire Essence Simple Foundations Level 25 Crafting Practice Basic Foundations Sedgling Pollen Intermediate Foundations Acidic Fire Essence Advanced Foundations Fort - Wardens' Mark Building Material Simple Firepower Parts Level 30 Crafting Practice Basic Eternity Wine Chaos Iron Intermediate Firepower Parts Alkaline Flame Essence Advanced Firepower Parts Ultimate Firepower Parts Level 40 Apparel Practice Simple Drive Parts Level 35 Crafting Practice Basic Drive Parts Level 1 Architecture Practice Intermediate Drive Parts White Phoenix Luzhu Casserole Dusken Rose Mead Advanced Drive Parts Flexible Sticks Level 10 Architecture Practice Advanced Physical Defense Seal Component Level 15 Architecture Practice Basic Turret Components Exquisite Ginseng Wine Common Turret Components Silver Ingot Level 25 Architecture Practice