Poison Death Grip Brutal Impact Brutal Impact Brutal Combat Knockback Illusory Body Sickle Hook Drag Straight Stab Sweep Lower Cut Upper Cut Shockwave Vine Dance Spread Toxic Rain Be Gone Ice Ring Expel - Trigger Displacement Evil Lightbeam Thunder Orb Reaper's Handshake Candy Swing Reaper's Handshake Reaper's Handshake Devastating Poison Instant Clone Instant Wishing Staff Second Style Wishing Staff First Style Kong Attack: Hack Kong Attack: Sweep Kong Attack: Stab Elemental Separation Polar Wind Elemental Protection Polar Ice Elemental Wrath Five Elements Ice Strike Cold Fist Chilling Counter-attack Icy Roar Ice Pick Gun Avalanche Icy Combo Banana Throw Windcatcher Combo (Phase 3) Full Flight Wind Punch Heavy Fist Mantis Strike Fire Set Marker Threat Marker Wyrmweed Sundering Steel Blazing Charge Lightning Blast Indomitable Will Shield Storm Vanguard's Blessing Super Holy Vortex Cunning Step Elemental Fury Sword Salvo Elemental Fury Super Dark Moon Super Elemental Fury Mana Armor Rocket Barrage Arcane Confinement Super Deadeye Shot Broken Moon Adrenaline Pentastrike Withering Pall Deadly Dash Second Slash Pentastrike Flower Spirit Spring Green Vines Feathering Luxuriant Rush Eagle Strike Pummeling Yeti Nature's Balm Radiant Whirlwind Sanctification Charm Faerie's Touch Necrotic Orb Bonds of Light Arcane Collusion Excelsior Isolation Light Angel Excelsior Isolation Dark Angel Spirit's Return Demon Shackle Super Arcane Collusion God's Light - Summon Shura's Rage - Summon Radiant Whirlwind Fire Wind Meteor Fist Time Stops Flame Wall Lethal Fist Orb Explosion Rocket Barrage Demon's Touch Second Hit Full Flight - Dance - 5X Brush Animatnion Full Flight - Dance - 3X Struggle Jump Rock Shield Shield Strike Binding Damage Tree Claw Sweep Jumping Onslaught Flame Poison Imprisonment Berserker Aura Slowing Aura Disease Fateful Pressure Barbarian Sweep Brutal Anchor Throw Vicious Raid Storm (Phase 2) Bash Horn Charge Rhino Force Broken Shadow Flying Claw Attack Flame Lord Aura Fireball Fireball Jump Slash Wild Chop (Phase 2) Rockfall Rockfall Magic Area Monster Resurrection Totem Summon Rockfall String Edition Rockfall String Edition Flame Lord Aura Orb Explosion Toxic Snake Coil Boulder Assault 1H Strike Fury Fist