Violent Blow Barbarian Attack Shattered Morph Ice Strike Cold Fist Chilling Counter-attack Icy Roar Ice Pick Gun Avalanche Icy Combo Grievous Defeat Ⅱ Horned Provocation 2 Sonic Cannon Rolling Around Shock Combo Fleeting Realm Well Armed Ⅱ Divine Guard Pot o' Gold Double Dance Cut Bile Spirits Text One Unbridled Merman Onrush Heaven's Sound Love Lock Spur Assault Energy Assault Lick Nether Stab Underworld Orb Dark Radiation Scorpion Back Kick Iron Armor Defense Flame Impact Electro Gluttony Electric Shock Spiral Protrusion Angry Trample Mighty Stomp Wyvern Spiral Wyvern Fight (Phase 1) Flamehammer Cannon Dragon Frenzy Dragon Firebomb Wyvern Eruption Purgatory Ruin Combo 1 Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4 Lightning Combo Horn Ray Ancient Electric Shock Electromagnetic Cannon Thunder Mop Energy Stone Recharge Electromagnetic Converter Thunder Shake Precision Ragefire Explosion Flaming Rebirth Chop Prisonfire Rain Flame Wall Kindling Lightning Aurora Thunder Summon Thunder Raid Lightning Trample Electromagnetic Field Damage Intensifier Enemy's Breath Perish Together Poison Rot Sonic Cannon Orc Monarch Sage Brain Death Flame Shot Swarm Tyrant Evil Queen Gods' Blessing - Wall of Iron Fireball Giant Smash Beast Charge Left-Right Rush Sonic Cannon Stone Scissors Cloth Quick Shot Plant Incarnate Humidity King's Kiss King of Cellulite Press Machine Infusion Combustion Nether Onrush Sudden Cut Belly Blast Multi-stab Violent Pounce Wasp Summon Multi-stab Sting Strike Web of Death Relentless Gore Sticky Spiderweb Barbarian's Bite Mop Up Sting Strike Belly Blast Toxic Kiss Tail Lash Seduction Petrifying Gaze Summon Snakelet Stone Shield First split Second split Third split Whirlwind King of Cellulite Press Impact Rock Roll Long-Range Light Cannon Large Rock Roll Catapult Attack Gremlin's Slowing Aura Multi-stab Perfusion Light Cannon Snakelet Kamikaze Shock Combo Gremlin Knocked into Trap Elite Slowdown Field Weaken Extreme Weaken Sleigh Crush Sleigh Crush Blistering Aura Flying Fish Blade Fishblade Scatter Lovers to the Death Heartache Refraction Soul Summon Normal Attack 2 Fishtail Fish Bash Violent Wave Flying Fish Blade Heaven's Wrath Strike Rock Shield Opening