Wyvern Fight (Phase 3) Claw Strike Tearing Bite Firebreather Absorb Ground Slap Instigate Onslaught Dive Bomb Flame Blast Bombing Left Jump Right Jump Aftershock Flame Bomb Vicious Flames Chantless Fireblast Flying Fish Blade Corpse Cut Dragon Ring Bloodwind Rush Bloodshadow Clone Headwind Wind Attack Red Lotus Infusion Combustion Rolling Thunder Nimble Bomber Spirit King Perfusion Light Cannon Flying Ape Foot Nimble Bomber Charge Increase all allies' Attack Increase all allies' Defense Increases all allies' Movement Speed Reduces Attack of all monsters around the pillar Reduces Defense of all monsters around the pillar Reduces Movement Speed of all monsters around the pillar Slowly recover Stone Pillar HP Slowly recovers the HP of allies around the Stone Pillar Increase Stone Pillar Defense Enmity Release Deep Cut Nether Onrush Underworld Summon Chrysalis Ghostly Power Seamless Death Realm Chop Necrotic Wave Super Flare Recruit Flame Blast Undead Abyss Sudden Cut Nether Onrush Souleater (Phase 1) Rebirth Den Flame Serpent Attack Lightning Serpent Attack Ice Serpent Attack Ice Serpent Slowing Aura Hammer Cannon Star Offensive Rolling Around Gravity Shock Left Move Right Move Claw Rake Fierce Claw Swipe Whirlclaw Slash Shock Combo Power Impact Left Wolf Jump Right Wolf Jump Rock Shield Fierce Howl Blade Rake Blade Slash Shockwave Blade Howl Intimidate Flame Burst Leaping Flames Flame Bomb Dizzy-free Dive Bomb Dizzy Dive Bomb Wild Chop (Phase 2) Spear Charge Advance Wolf Whistle Thunder Orb Thrust Resurrection Totem Summon True Spell Blast Teleport Giant Smash Beast Charge Left-Right Rush Ring of Darkness Raider's Bite Power Slash Jump Slash Self Healing Toxic Coil Curse Flat Chop Arrow Volley Evil Lightbeam Wolf Bash Rock Roll Stoneshield Combo Thrust Binding Damage Spiral Storm Tree Claw Sweep Retribution Chop Swarm Curse Rock Burst Dryad Run Jumping Onslaught Chitin Defense Jellyfish Whirl Test Ring Skill Stoneshield Combo Stoneshield Combo Wolf Claw Shield Strike Chop Attack Quick Shot Teleport - Back Teleport - Left Teleport - Right Dark Shot Minor Healing Resurrection Totem Spell Wind Orb Ice Orb Powerful Advance Heroic Strike Whiplash Sweep Swinging Lash Venom Silk Pupae Summon Queen's Swoop Queen's Scream Heavenward Leap Suckling Larva Demon Fire Rages Boulder Assault Power Walk