N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Single Light Orb Flame Lord Absorb Hot Springs Flame Bomb Deep Cut Dragon Ring Werewolf Dash Evil Lightbeam Lock Rock Roll Heroic Leap Conqueror's Sweep (Phase 1) Tornado Sweep Broken Array Dragongrip Crippling Bolt Smite Holy Vortex Self Healing Skill (Solo) Resurrect Totem Single Summon Monster Resurrection Totem Summon Single Smack Underworld Summon Death Realm Chop Necrotic Wave Souleater (Phase 2) Firebreather Beast Charge Red Dragon Roar Northern Wolf Warrior Provoke Tearing Bite (Test Use) Thunder Orb Ice Orb Wind Orb Right Claw Swipe Left Claw Swipe Arachna Kick Arachna Bite Power Walk Coil Coil Pincers right Strike Enmity Tower Strong Ridicule Ice Slowing True Ice Slowing Lambent Bolt Angel Fire Fire Searing Wake Ice Searing Wake Lambent Step Frigid Aura Star Sword Star Sword - Fire Void Banishment Heroic Strike Thunder Shell Concussion Bomb Oblivion Bomb Grenade Helix Cannon Proximity Mine - Blast Proximity Mine - Stun Deadeye Shot Ferrous Trap Quick Slash (Phase 1) Hunter's Light Deadly Dash Mid Moon Windwave Martial Instinct Secrets Retribution Dark Moon Shattering Blow Quick Slash (Phase 2) Quick Slash (Phase 3) Spirit Bells Spectral Magpie Spirit Shell Jumping Fish Essence of Spring Falling Sakura Serpent Snare Radiant Whirlwind Hellfire Claw - Light Bringer Creeping Pain Grasping Spirits - Light Bringer Demon's Rancor Occultist's Gift - Light Bringer Gate of Atrophy Void Cycle Cunning Transference Demon's Touch Ferrous Trap Star Sword - Ice Death Mark Vanguard's Blessing Hellfire Claw - Dark Warden Grasping Spirits - Dark Warden Occultist's Gift - Dark Warden Shadowbreaker First Hit Shadowbreaker Second Hit Shadowbreaker Third Hit Shadowbreaker Fourth Slice Skypiercer Left-Right Rush Rolling Around Blade Rake Blade Slash Shockwave Blade Wild Chop (Phase 2) Spear Charge Jump Slash Toxic Coil Curse Evil Lightbeam True Spell Blast Web of Death Taunt Cure Truth - Healing Stoneshield Combo Rock Shield Smack Stoneshield Combo Stoneshield Combo Chitin Defense Thrust Power Wield Ice Bolt Onslaught Rock Shield Removal Healing Lotus Demon Emperor Group Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Holding Strike Strong Strike Pearl Prison Claw Strike Pounce Antler Rush