Croc Tail Swing Rot Poison Spray Rot Worm Violent Impatience Dive Attack Quick Retreat Rotten Bone Prison Infected Fang Infected Fang Cruel Stare Chop Heavy Chop Extradition Chop Sadness Sigh Three Pass River Wings of the World Separation Corpse Dark Law Ray of Light Underworld Flash Madness Madness Tearing Bite Tearing Bite Mana Cannon Dark Claw Barbarians at the Gate Counter-attack Chaos Breath Treasures Galore Forbidden Abyss Vortex Demonic Possession Dragon Emperor's Arrival Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath Side Dragon's Breath Side Dragon's Breath Instant Cut Thrust Ancient Dragon Dragon Spine: Imprisonment Wicked Prince Emperor Attack Emperor Attack Dragon Cannon Sin's Breath Blackscale Border of the Three Realms Five Emperors' Arrival Sweep Smack Dragon Spine Annihilation Dragon Cannon Sin's Breath Blackscale Mass of Souls Bonepiercer Combo Magic Notes Ghost Flurry Black Smoke Soul Summon Anger Shot Burst Rage Burst Quick Shot Arrow Volley Spring Howl New Year's Tearing Bite Pressure Ragefire New Year Charge Corpse Cut Toxic Bubble Venom Spray Venom Draw Poison Orb Tearing Bite Shield Protection Draw Tyrant Chase Poison Orb Explosion Rune Burst Lava Lava Lava Test Multi Ballistics Light Beam Outrage Melee Boar Normal Attack Flame Spray Totemic Dual Hammers Rage Totemic Guardian Whirling Fist Light Orb Talisman Slowing Totemic Guardian Vicious Kick Light Speed Bomb Poison Fog Melee Close Poison Sit Flying Axe Spell Cast Soaring Axe 2-person connection test Melee Poison Split Cut Claw Strike Crazy Scratch Impact Whirlwind Hammer Ballistic Chain Test Light Beam Catapult Battlefield Ranged Soldier Attack Boar Normal Attack Flame Stomp Hammer Explosion Double Hammer Pound Heroic Leap Fireball Multi Fireball Whirlwind Fire Rain Downward Rush Shake Back Kick Light Orb Light effect carries impact. Light Chain Phosphor Powder Growth Attack Clone Poison Fog Poison Flying Axe Light Orb Talisman Tangling Roots Seated, No Knockback Assault Whirl Ice Ring Ice Arrow Recover Group Boost Test Mantar's Orb Sorcerer Normal Attack N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A