Greatbow - Triple Combo 3 Simple Anti-Air Strike Intermediate Anti-Air Strike Advanced Anti-Air Strike Supreme Anti-Air Strike Supreme Anti-Air Strike Rudimentary Fixed Strike Common Fixed Strike Advanced Fixed Strike Supreme Fixed Strike Supreme Fixed Strike Rudimentary Siege Striker Common Siege Striker Advanced Siege Striker Extreme Siege Striker Supreme Siege Striker Wild Winds Split Arrow Fireball Barrage Rain of Arrows Summon Blackwind Array Wind Punch Winding Jab - Combo True Lethal Fist Magic Orb - Spiral Trap Gate of Atrophy Single Sanction Double Sanction Triple Sanction - One Triple Sanction - Two Void Cycle Triple Sanction - Three Triple Execution Sanction Storm Brush Animatnion Control Punish Stars Resurrection Verdict - Sentence Verdict - Execution Verdict - Probation Magic Orb - Spiral Trap Moonbud Lunar Sin Early Crescent Moon Mid-Crescent Moon Late Crescent Moon Triple Execution Lunar Pardon Waning Crescent - Confinement Bloodmoon - Swift Punishment Verdict - Death Penalty Verdict - Public Punishment Sin Aura Black Guard White Guard Shatterskull Thump Brutal Combat Divine Power Kill Full Sweep Magic Orb - Spiral Trap Hoof Shock Brutal Impact Brutal Impact Shattered World Creation Shattered Abyss Drain Blade Sickle Hook Deadly Slash Waltz Phantasm Commander in Chief Deadly Ensemble Deadly Ensemble - Ephemeral Triple Orb Claw Strike 1 Claw Strike 2 Double Claw Strike Claw Strike 1 Claw Strike 2 Soul Play Power Walk Killing Embrace Killing Embrace Mop Up Seduction Petrifying Gaze Devastating Poison Prelude Claw Sweep Light Cannon Ragefire Lightning Scorpion Smash Scorpion Tail Wag Double Spit Lunge Big Wine Jug Attack Spirit Spray Whirling Jug Fateful Pressure Barbarian Sweep Rattler Dragon Fist of Remembrance Shattering Spiral Drill Mountain Cone Assault Sundering Missile Sundering Cannon Shattered Unshakable Mountain 1-Fist Tiger Style - Deep Bellow 3-Fist Tiger Style - Blood Fang 5-Fist Tiger Style - Snare 9-Fist Tiger Style - Breaking Split Awareness - Sincerity Awareness - Sincerity Awareness - Sincerity Awareness - Caution 27-Fist Tiger Style - Sunfire 81-Fist Tiger Style - Descent Azure Spear Flowing Sword Unfulfilling Flow Moonfall Azure Sea Meteor Ceaseless Flow Ceaseless Flow Ceaseless Flow Serene Mirror Lotus Energy Scrap Throw Overload Emission Reinforcements Summon Electromagnetic Generator Summon Shatter Cannon Manabreaker Cannon Overload Emission Flutter Light Cannon Ragefire Lightning Blazing Slice Blazing Chop Mass Poisoning Mass Poisoning Mass Poisoning Mass Poisoning Laser Ray Poison Explosion