Pentastrike Flicker Step Wand Swipe Quick Slash (Phase 1) Wand Swipe Thousand Hand Sumo Liquid Spray Deadly Dash Missile Spinning Claw Heroic Strike (Phase 1) Struggle Strike Chase Claw Martial Instinct Secrets Retribution Dark Moon Shattering Blow Quick Slash (Phase 2) Heroic Strike Stage 2 Quick Slash (Phase 3) Thunder Shell Spiral Energy Axe Oblivion Bomb Overload Heroic Strike (Phase 3) Impact Drill (Phase 2) Burst Cut (Phase 2) Proximity Mine - Stun Police Dog Attack Ferrous Trap Rigid Body BOOM Confusion Trap Spectral Magpie Spirit Shell Jumping Fish Essence of Spring Kamikaze Serpent Snare Wind Punch Nature's Balm Hellfire Claw Creeping Pain Upper Cut Demon's Rancor Vine Dance Attendant's Deed Massage Healing Wind Wholly Unsullied Cube Teleportician Cube Teleportician Cube Teleportician Unspoken Harmony Attendant's Care Festive Fireworks Knowing Flower Jab Half Moon Strike Red Lotus Flame Moon in the Reflection Empty Split Cut Seal - Heaven's Cleansing Archon's Deed Standby Guard Invitee Chamberlain's Sense Archon's Blessing Clear Obstacles Encyclopedia Dark Flame Burst Lightning Ball Lightning Shock Wand Shock Charged Stab Sonic Cannon Power Impact Left Wolf Jump Right Wolf Jump Jade Willow Dance Crystal Waves Dance Golden Sparrow Dance Red Column Dance Coy Glance Tarot Card Lithe Stance Enchanting Dance Flying Lift Sky Dragon's Retreat Exuberant Creativity Art of Potstickers Flying Blades Hot & Spicy Stir Fry Due Poise Yank the Wok Intense Aroma Cunning Blade Crafting Mana Wrench Crippling Bolt Heroic Strike - Aerial Sundering Steel - Aerial Quick Thrust - Aerial Dragon's Grasp - Aerial Vortex - Aerial Iron Resolve Punishment - Lock Merciless Strike - Aerial Gladius Throw - Aerial Extermination - Aerial - Aerial Deadly Dash - Aerial Extermination - Aerial Adrenaline - Aerial Merciless Strike Second Hit - Aerial Merciless Strike Third Hit - Aerial Merciless Strike 4 - Aerial Merciless Strike 5 - Aerial Merciless Final Strike - Aerial Merciless Strike 6 - Aerial Merciless Strike 7 - Aerial Merciless Strike 8 - Aerial Merciless Strike 9 - Aerial Turret Bombardment Power Wield Sea Tyrant Summon Rabbit Lambent Bolt - Aerial Cold Shackles - Aerial Lightning Orb - Aerial Star Sword - Aerial Heaven's Defense - Aerial Meteor - Aerial Spirit Bells - Aerial Falling Sakura - Aerial Spectral Magpie - Aerial Moonlight Herald - Aerial Nature's Balm - Aerial Luxuriant Rush - Aerial Hellfire Claw - Aerial Demon's Rancor - Aerial Arcane Collusion - Aerial Necrotic Orb - Aerial Siphoning Spirits - Aerial Bonds of Light - Aerial Large Chakra Bomb Thunder Shell - Aerial Breaker Shell - Aerial Shatter Shell - Aerial Deadeye Shot - Aerial Strafe - Aerial Flying Mana - Aerial