Cheapskate Fire Scimitar Cut Retribution Chop Fateful Pressure Barbarian Sweep Fierce Fist Steel Foot Iron Mountain Fissure Leg Sweep Soulchaser Immortal Enchantment Large Chakra Bomb Scattershot Fleeting Realm Windcatcher Combo (Phase 1) Windcatcher Combo (Phase 2) Windcatcher Combo (Phase 3) Wind Punch Cyclone Fist Stormrage Fist Gale Array Burning Meteor Black Cut Black Flash Shadow Cut 1 Shadow Cut 2 Shadow Cut 3 Flying Night Blade Nether Vortex Control Sanction Verdict Stars Resurrection Violent Blow Barbarian Attack Brutal Knockback Crushing Blow Hoof Shock Wild Impact Divine Guard Sickle Hook Deadly Slash Waltz Phantasm Soul Play Deadly Ensemble Underworld Sickle Hook Slash Sickle Hook Whirlwind Sickle Hook Drag Horn Gore Dirt Spray Gale Snipe Burning Plains Stunning Poison Capture Prey Sting Clamp Strike Bloodlust Wave Spiral Dart Sting Clamp Strike Electromagnetic Storm Electromagnetic Storm Electromagnetic Storm Bombardment Kamikaze Electromagnetic Storm Shatter Cannon Manabreaker Cannon Wine Jug Reverse Charm Triple Cut (Phase 2) Triple Cut (Phase 3) Iron Axe Sacrifice Poison Knockback Eat! Violent Pounce Poison Expel - Trigger Displacement Water Arrow Group Taunt Cure Poison Fracture Bloodlust Flying Hammer Dragon Rifle Illegal Logging Light Orb Talisman Summon Servitor Taunt Light Effect Self Invincibility Violent Wave Flying Fish Blade Fishblade Scatter Corpse Cut Dead Spirit Fish Spear Sweep Merman Onrush Bad Food Liquid Gush Rotten Belly Big Wine Jug Attack Spirit Spray Whirling Jug Fart Attack Whirl Money Scatter Gold Squander - Left Gold Squander - Right Sorcerer's Whip Grand Flamethrower Cheapskate Fire Tentacle Attack 1 Tentacle Attack 2 Spinning Claw Ballista Shot Catapult Attack Corpse Cut Dead Spirit Boosts your Special Skill Points Physical Attack +50 Physical Attack +100 Character knocks back Tier 2 Levity Value is 0 Used for non-agent creation Bleeding Trap Cunning Trap Levity Trap Mercurial Trap Heaven's Light Load Weapon Proximity Mine Grenade Proximity Mine Second Hit Martial Instinct Secrets Spirit of the Fox Immortal Charm Remove Sanctification Jade Fox Test Test Test Morph Invisible Simple Anti-Air Strike Intermediate Anti-Air Strike