Gunslinger - Fire Controller - First-Generation King of Swords Vanguard - Hero of Chaos - First-Generation Blademaster - Merchant of Death - First-Generation Tower of Pain Warrior Vanguard - Thunder Guard - First-Generation Vanguard - Iron Warrior - First-Generation Swordmage - Legendary Blade - First-Generation Revelation Carnival Days Snowpine Camp General Through Thick and Thin Debutante Gentleman Maktar Blademaster - Lord of War - First-Generation Joust of the Stoic Ausgyth Author Spirit Shaper Hero - Heavy Dreamer - Fourth-Generation Fire Spirit - First-Generation Empire's Battle God of Bravery Supreme Return Blademaster - Sword Talent - First-Generation Blademaster - Disciple of the Blade - First-Generation I'm Truly a Good Person A Good Person When seeking friends, I care not about wealth Lieutenant Reveler Fond of Merriment Raining Money True Ausgyth Hero Northern Knight Ausgyth Idol Happy to Help Revelation Online is Lucky to Have You Thankful Revelation Online Great Teacher Brilliant Teacher Renowned Great Teacher %s %s Superstar Popularity Upstart You've taken so many rewards, your hands are cramping. Reward Expert Peo Guenzipe's Companion Stands Above All Vanguard - Thunder Guard - Second-Generation Probation Demonslayer Advanced Demonslayer Senior Demonslayer Master of Destruction Occultist Imparter of Knowledge Expert Educator Genethy Conani's Companion Eqtus Adfo's Companion Kyclu Aumes's Companion %s Guild Leader %s Vice Guild Leader %s Councillor %s Grayscale Envoy %s Frostfang Envoy %s Scarletwing Envoy %s Midnight Envoy %s Guild Elite %s Member Collector of Scars Affluent Warrior Prosperous Warrior Nemo Umorouphi's Companion Fozathi Jugugista's Companion Cold-Hearted Kyosumun Evane's Companion Well-to-do Warrior Noobloshe Poreusmo's Companion Eta Arnothe's Companion Lomishe Nostu's Companion Esol Oses's Companion Jubizaac Obexthy's Companion Nestu Fahe's Companion Green Contender Armoju Axstu's Companion Green Champion Battle God God of War Spirited Fighter Mighty Warrior Red Contender Red Champion Kagerecla Defovede's Companion Master of the Boutique King of the Tower of Pain Swordmage Deity - World-Renowned - First-Generation Swordmage Royal - Glorious - First-Generation Swordmage Noble - Legendary Blade - First-Generation Swordmage Hero - Deadly Monk - First-Generation Gunslinger Deity - Mortal God - First-Generation Gunslinger Royal - Veritable Madman - First-Generation Gunslinger Noble - Warrior of Fire - First-Generation Gunslinger Hero - Fire Controller - First-Generation Occultist Deity - Lord of the Magic Realm - First-Generation Occultist Royal - Master of Shadows - First-Generation Occultist Noble - Abyss Walker - First-Generation Occultist Hero - Darkmoon Lord - First-Generation Spirit Shaper Deity - Lord of the Dream Realm - First-Generation Spirit Shaper Royal - Dream Warrior - First-Generation Spirit Shaper Noble - Dream Elementalist - First-Generation Spirit Shaper Hero - Heavy Dreamer - First-Generation Vanguard Deity - Warrior of the Cosmos - First-Generation Vanguard Royal - Hero of Chaos - First-Generation Vanguard Noble - Thunder Guard - First-Generation Vanguard Hero - Iron Warrior - First-Generation Blademaster Deity - Lord of War - First-Generation Blademaster Royal - Merchant of Death - First Generation Blademaster Noble - Sword Talent - First-Generation Blademaster Hero - Disciple of the Blade - First-Generation Green Dragon Royal - First-Generation Pocemodi Zashe's Companion Cloud-Piercer - First-Generation Battle-tested - First-Generation World-Power - First-Generation Monarch of the Divine - First-Generation Golden Warrior - First-Generation Fearless Spear - First-Generation Swordmage - World-Renowned - Second-Generation Swordmage - Glorious - Second-Generation Swordmage - Legendary Blade - Second-Generation Swordmage - Deadly Monk - Second-Generation Gunslinger - Mortal God - Second-Generation Gunslinger - Veritable Madman - Second-Generation Gunslinger - Warrior of Fire - Second-Generation Gunslinger - Fire Controller - Second-Generation Occultist - Lord of the Magic Realm - Second-Generation Occultist - Master of Shadows - Second-Generation Occultist - Abyss Walker - Second-Generation Occultist - Darkmoon Lord - Second-Generation Spirit Shaper - Lord of the Dream Realm - Second-Generation Spirit Shaper - Dream Warrior - Second-Generation Spirit Shaper - Dream Elementalist - Second-Generation Spirit Shaper - Heavy Dreamer - Second-Generation Vanguard - Warrior of the Cosmos - Second-Generation Lord of Stonefall Lord of Karstwald Lord of Emollion King of Eastbreden Blademaster - Merchant of Death - Second Generation Blademaster - Sword Talent - Second-Generation Lord of Snowpine Stonefire Corps Commander