Basic Grand Bulwark (Expert) Basic Altar of Swords (Expert) Expert Shrine Admittance Expert Bulwark Admittance Expert Mech Admittance Expert Altar of Swords Admittance So Popular You Got Game Awww... Won't Anyone Play With Me? Talk of the Town Belle of the Ball Chatty Cathy Cool It, Romeo Respected Making Friends Freshman Graduate with Honors Graduate with Distinction Dean's List Magna Cum Laude I Have a Mentor! I Have an Apprentice! Heritage Rites Ritual Movin' on Up Role Model Shining Example Chart the Unknown Building a New Future Stake Your Claim The Smell of Fine Wine... Ausgyth Runner Adept Follower Novice Guild Carpenter Come Play With Me A Friend in Need I've Got Good Friends I've Got Great Friends I've Got Super Friends Mentor Conquer Your Nemesis Two Birds with One Stone Manticore Slayer Twelfth Trial Lord of the Autumn Leaf Lord of the Shearing Wind Demon's Bane Treasure Hunting Expert Protector of Texts Manticore Slayer - Ultimate Twelfth Trial - Ultimate Lord of the Autumn Leaf - Ultimate Lord of the Shearing Wind - Ultimate Demon's Bane - Ultimate Spider's Trap Caw?! Ribbit?! Beetle Massacre Beetle Genocide Pest Exterminator You Would Kill a Koi?! Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? Defeat Beastly Silverback Vassal (Challenge) Rat Exterminator Aww, But They're So Cute... Goose Hunter Arachnophobe I Hate Snakes Animal Cruelty God Help Me Eternal Chasm (Ultimate) World's Greatest Hunter Animal Terminator Full-time Hunter Total Extinction Trivia God Encyclopedic Knowledge Erudite Bookworm Close, But No Diploma I Read Good Time Traveler Any Door Dangerous Action Honey Locust Expert Sweetheart Lover It's a Zoo Out There! Dangerous Spider Queen Cute Guide Dashing Caninoid one piece Are You a GM? Morph Control Treasure Hunters' Respects Pen Pals I Have Friends All Over the Place Friends Across the Globe Teacher's Pet Nerd! Trivia Prodigy God of the Nerds Not as Smart as You Look More Brawn than Brains The Sword is Mightier than the Pen A+ Student Good Job, Poindexter Valedictorian Master's Teachings The Guild is My Home Hi, Mom! Complete Darkfall Special Skill Scholar Dungeon Crawler Special Skill Disciple Making Acquaintances Demonslayer By Trade Dreamchaser - Prowess Deserted Shrine Helper Grand Bulwark Helper Mech Citadel Helper Alter of Swords Helper Flash Porter Facial Adjustment Expert Pure of Heart Dangerous Force Dragon Tamer TOP5 of the Eternal Chasm Will of the Ancestral Dragon Dragon Slayer Apocalypse - Beginning Hand-in-Hand - Glorious Ausgyth Cutie Squad Eternal Chasm Helper Tyrant Child Loser Child Graceful Warrior Ausgyth Know-It-All Popularity Newbie Occultist - Darkmoon Lord - First-Generation Swordmage - World-Renowned - First-Generation Sword Baron Santa's Little Helper Spirit Shaper - Lord of the Dream Realm - First-Generation King of the West Spirit Shaper - Dream Warrior - First-Generation Spirit Shaper Royal - Dream Warrior - Fourth-Generation Cooked Turkey Spirit Shaper - Dream Elementalist - First-Generation Spirit Shaper - Heavy Dreamer - First-Generation