Conqueror - Altar of Swords Altar of Swords Accomplishment Altar of Swords Champion Hell Shrine - Expert Hell Bulwark (Expert) Hell Altar of Swords (Expert) The Heaven's Wrath of Clawmaster Buri The Heaven's Wrath of Urgon The Heaven's Wrath of Gohn Bite Back Defeat Scarlet Viper Princess (Challenge) Bouncing off the Walls Bird-like Like a Phantom Wielder of Special Skills I Can Fly! Flying High Ausgyth Idol Raining Money Delicious Reverie Sealbreak Middle of the Pack Dream of Libations Sealbreak Black Empress's Concern Regular Customer Pest Destroyer Resurrector Frivolity & Vice Sealbreak Complete Darkfall (Solo) Sight-seeing - Sulan Harbor Sight-seeing - Eventide Bay Sight-seeing - Black Empress Altar Sight-seeing - Snowpine Reach Sight-seeing - Immortal Annex Sight-seeing - Ersich Forest Sight-seeing - Bearwold Sight-seeing - Chaffon Villa Sight-seeing - Amanita Hamlet From Rags to Riches Taking Care of Business Massacre (Red Emperor) Massacre (White Empress) Without Fear (Black Emperor) Without Fear (Green Emperor) Without Fear (Red Emperor) Without Fear (White Empress) Overcome (Black Empress) Overcome (Green Emperor) Overcome (Red Emperor) Overcome (White Empress) Eh? Humans? Wow! Humans! Thank You For Taking Me Home Sulan VIP Frequent Visitor Darkfall Scenery Let's check out the harbor! What a magnificent sight! A huge wheat field! If you love her, take her to see Chaffon Spring You are the wind and I am sand There used to be a dragon here Are you cold? Lush and verdant A location of great military importance! Whetstone Gunsmoke Stone Protector Tidewater Regular Tidewater Knight Friend of Snowpine Friend of the Reach Friend of Eventide Eventide's Hero Ally of the Annex Champion of the Annex For the Minerals! For the Food! Birds of a Feather Flock Together A Sacred Oath Part of the Pack Under the Table Backstage Manipulator Ticket to Everywhere For the Clan! Monster Hunter Monster Slayer Monster Slaughterer Monster's Bane Sign-in 10 times Sign-in 20 times Sign-in 30 times Quest Veteran Overachiever Respected (Sulan) Respected (Fort Whetstone) Respected (Tidewater) Respected (Falmari) Respected (Immortal Annex) Respected (Hyphaean) Respected (Ursid) Respected (Wingar) Respected (Northern Wolf) Respected (Snowpine Reach) Respected (Volopine) Local Celebrity Well-known Ausgyth Star Reputable You're a Civet! We're All Civets! World Famous Sign-in 3 times Sign-in 8 times Sign-in 18 times Sign-in 25 times Wastelands Exploration Citadel Exploration Where is the seat? Ascend the vantage point It's cold at the top The Stone Trinity Rys Lel! Rys Lel! Above the Clouds Ouch that Burns! 20,000 Li Under the Sea Surviving Outside the Mortal Realms Paradise for Grass Treasures Grass Treasure down! Weird Figurehead Well-read Reckless Trials Actual Water Gate Minor Indulgence Flameborn Tyrant (Epic) Ultimate challenge! Hidden Ausgyth Scenery A journey decided at the last minute. The Way out of the Impasse Command and Conquer Boom! Come on Strong Mech Citadel Hell (20-person Expert) Mech Citadel Hell (10-person Expert) Nightmare Mech Citadel (20-person Expert) Our Best Client Nightmare Deserted Shrine (Expert) Nightmare Grand Bulwark (Expert) Nightmare Altar of Swords (Expert) Basic Mech Citadel (20-person Expert) Basic Mech Citadel (10-person Expert)