Soul of Frost Essence Broken Magic Core - Old Flawed Magic Core (Old) Complete Magic Core (Old) Pure Magic Core (Old) Flawless Magic Core (Old) Perfect Magic Core (Old) Soul of Mist Soul of Sun Soul of the Evening Glow Soul of Starry Night Soul of Dark Night Soul of Frost Essence Voyeur's Trick Voyeur's Trick Stalker's Compass Stalker's Compass Swordmage Secret Swordmage Secret Blademaster Secret Blademaster Secret Gunslinger Secret Gunslinger Secret Spirit Shaper Secret Spirit Shaper Secret Occultist Secret Occultist Secret Raid-specific Respawn Rune Novice Foraging Certificate Experienced Foraging Certificate Specialist Foraging Certificate Master Foraging Certificate Wind Scroll Wind Scroll 10K Commerce Center Pass 50K Commerce Center Pass 100K Commerce Center Pass 10K Guild Fund Voucher Novice Planting Certificate Experienced Planting Certificate Specialist Planting Certificate Master Planting Certificate Novice Husbandry Certificate Experienced Husbandry Certificate Specialist Husbandry Certificate Master Husbandry Certificate Novice Chemistry Certificate Experienced Chemistry Certificate Specialist Chemistry Certificate Master Chemistry Certificate Novice Machining Certificate Experienced Machining Certificate Specialist Machining Certificate Master Machining Certificate Breaker Chaos Crystal VI (Bound) Battleflame Moonbeam Experienced Forging Certificate Windbone Master Forging Certificate Wild Wind Poltergeist Broadsword Pale Star Novice Tailoring Certificate Experienced Tailoring Certificate Specialist Tailoring Certificate Master Tailoring Certificate Windwalker Novice Cooking Certificate Experienced Cooking Certificate Specialist Cooking Certificate Master Cooking Certificate Visionary Jianghu Imperial Livery Novice Printing Certificate Thunder Run Specialist Printing Certificate Master Printing Certificate Seasonal Rain Deep Brocade Celebration Outfit Elite Era Key Great Era Key Vanisher's Conch - Anonymous Vanisher's Conch - Anonymous Astral Greatvoice - Anonymous Astral Greatvoice - Anonymous Elegant Personal Greatvoice Privilege Order Inventor Courtier's Raiment Chef's Certificate Attendant Certificate Guild Executive Certificate Dancer Certificate Celebration Greatvoice Privilege Order Master Forager Tome Plant Master Tome Heavenly Bow - Spirited Heavenly Bow - Austere Heavenly Bow - Grand Master Forger's Tome Windwalker Gloves Windwalker Pants Windwalker Boots Vitality Vitality Bracelet Vitality Pants Vitality Clogs Obsidian Obsidian Ring Obsidian Pants Obsidian Boots Broken Barrier Colorful Magpie Flight Leopard Leopard Bracelet Leopard Pants Leopard Clogs Whale Wave Whale Wave Ring Whale Wave Pants Whale Wave Clogs Worldly Fate Worldly Fate Gloves Worldly Fate Pants Worldly Fate Shoes Gold Crow Essence of Spring Shirt Essence of Spring Pants Essence of Spring Shoes Royal Shirt Royal Pants Royal Shoes Quiet Sea Frost Star Wintry Garb Sage Gold Indulgence Ink Dye Demolisher Late Frost Ink Dye Element Cloudsmoke Oracle Oracle Trousers Oracle Shoes