Elegant Inventor Courtier's Raiment Baby Heavenly Bow - Beautiful Heavenly Bow - Pure Windwalker Windwalker Gloves Windwalker Pants Windwalker Boots White Night White Night Sleeves White Night (Leg Is Actually the Body) White Night Clogs Summer Summer Bracelet Summer Skirt Summer Clogs Broken Barrier Colorful Magpie Flight Country Country Bracelet Country Skirt Country Clogs Lilac Maiden Lilac Maiden's Grace Lilac Maiden Skirt Lilac Maiden Clogs Frostclear Skirt Frostclear Gloves Frostclear Clogs Jade Rabbit Peach Shirt Peach Sleeves Peach Skirt Peach Boots Pavilion Shirt Pavilion Skirt Pavilion Clogs Diva Seal Essence Bracelet Quiet Sea Frost Star Wintry Garb Snow Gentry Noble Swallow Sage Gold Indulgence Predawn Gold Indulgence Accessory Ink Dye Demolisher Late Frost Ink Dye Element Cloudsmoke Oracle Oracle Skirt Oracle Shoes Belgian Soccer Top Belgian Soccer Shorts German Soccer Top German Soccer Shorts Spanish Soccer Top Spanish Soccer Shorts Russian Soccer Shirt Russian Soccer Pants Italian Soccer Top Italian Soccer Pants French Soccer Top French Soccer Shorts England Soccer Top England Soccer Shorts Portuguese Soccer Top Portuguese Soccer Pants Practice Material Successful Practice Product Failed Practice Product Unidentified Item used by system Returning Soul Crimson Leaf Sword Swordshear Spacetime Key Darkwood Vale Battle Token Vanisher's Conch Vanisher's Conch Astral Greatvoice Astral Greatvoice Vanisher's Scroll Egret Feather Egret Feather Bird Token White Dragon Token Starshatter Stone Better's Voucher Funland Ticket Mystery Token Funland Ticket Mystery Token Robbed Medicine Puppet's Heart Broken Evil Gem Vanisher's Scroll Travel Scroll Travel Scroll Voyage Scroll Voyage Scroll 3-Star Special Skill Essential Vanguard Secret 3-Star Special Skill Essential Vanguard Secret Divine Power Fragment Divine Power Fragment Dimensional Pearl Dimensional Pearl Divine Power Article Divine Power Article Ancient God Pearl Ancient God Pearl Elemental Essence - Novitiate Path Elemental Essence - Journeyman Path Elemental Essence - The Wanderer Path Elemental Essence - Adventurer Path Elemental Essence - Intrepid Path Elemental Essence - Conqueror Path Currently unavailable Currently unavailable Immortal Scroll Fragment Immortal Scroll Fragment Ordinary Immortal Stone Ordinary Immortal Stone Immortal Texts Immortal Texts Exquisite Immortal Stone Exquisite Immortal Stone Advanced Cultivation Essentials Extreme Cultivation Essentials Advanced Cultivation Essentials Extreme Cultivation Essentials Broken Magic Core (Old) Flawed Magic Core (Old) Complete Magic Core (Old) Pure Magic Core (Old) Flawless Magic Core (Old) Perfect Magic Core (Old) Soul of Mist Soul of Sun Soul of the Evening Glow Soul of Starry Night