Experimental Animal Makato Blackshroud Blackshroud Blackshroud 1 Blackshroud 2 Fire Eye Fire Eye Underling 1 Fire Eye Underling 1 Bloodclaw Makato Fire Eye Makato Blackshroud Corpse Blackshroud Corpse Makato Bloodclaw Makato Makato Makato Willard Hardwit Guardian Member 1 Guardian Member 2 Willard Hardwit Makato Front Eye 1 Front Eye 2 Front Eye 3 Portal Center Wind Monument 1 Makato Stone Formation Front Marker Bloodclaw Makato Jibi Makato Makato Akuta Akuta Right Lieutenant Right Lieutenant Akuta Akuta Akuta Akuta Willard Hardwit Akuta Shinji Carsera Lau Akuta Enchanted Wounded Villager 1 Enchanted Wounded Villager 2 Enchanted Wounded Villager 3 Akuta Akuta Akuta Akuta Akuta Makato Wallside Marker Cabinet Crate Box Makato Forest Corps Member Red Monkey Akuta Willard Hardwit Forest Corps Captain Granary Soldier Profiteer Peasant 1 Peasant 2 Peasant 3 Hentar Mokdori Eastern Fence Western Fence Military Flagpole Black Powder Crate Hentar Mokdori Makato Makato Akuta Akuta Akuta Right Lieutenant Akuta Akuta Akuta Old Blacksmith Recruit Officer New Recruit Enlisted Recruit Uncle Lon Lanny Grave Villager Villager Bobe Ozro Zeik Callik Schad Hahk Iron Precipice Soldier Ashem Kuda Scout Animal Animal Animal Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Arena Quartermaster Recruit Ursid Quartermaster Wingar Quartermaster Camp Escort Ursid Quest Dispatcher Wingar Quest Dispatcher Gunslinger Follower Karstad City Gate Marker Blacksmith Camp Soldier King of Westholm King of Westholm Lord of Stonefall Lord of Stonefall Lord of Karstwald Fire Corps Lord of Emollion Lord of Emollion King of Eastbreden King of Eastbreden Lord of Star Velvet Lord of Star Velvet Lord of Tidewater Lord of Tidewater Staff Officer Lord of Snowpine Portal Array Marker Turret Marker Ausgyth Battle God Ausgyth Battle God Lord of Eventide Lord of Eventide Lord of the Barrens Enchanted Wounded Villager Lord of Kitland