Terror Land Frost Stardust Chest Jade Horns Beer Goggles Nirvana Flame Chest Jade Gold Chest Tower of Pain Excelsior Pearl Synergy Stone Pack Honest Order Berserk Lottery Reward Love's Order Rabbit King Eternal Chasm Test Kill Reward II Trivia God - Knowledgable Sort Precious Mount Box Spirit Feather Box Star Stuff Mask Guild Face Decor Plumstone Beads Box Scarlet Mask Cinnabar Rouge Floating Light Flameborn Tyrant's Nyx Devouring Dragon's Nyx Chill Queen's Nyx Glacier Sea Dragon's Nyx Demonic Ancestral Dragon Willard Hardwit's Nyx Blade of the Eternal Chasm Garments of the Eternal Chasm Jewels of the Eternal Chasm Peach Branch Chest Mentor Reward Sash Treasure Chest Mentor Reward Badge Treasure Chest Mentor's Gift Heartbeat Brocade Box Late Frost Apparel Box Miss Rev's Love Gift Pack Prometheus Platinum Pack Prometheus Gold Pack Prometheus Advanced Pack Prometheus Special Pack Revelation Online Cutie Squad Gift Pack Plumstone Beads Explosion Bag Plumstone Beads Gambling Bag Stonewood Legend Pack Eternal Chasm Celebration Pack Eternal Chasm Reclamation Red Envelope 1 Eternal Chasm Reclamation Red Envelope 2 Eternal Chasm Reclamation Red Envelope 3 Eternal Chasm Reclamation Red Envelope 4 Mentorship Weekly Reward Content Mentorship Weekly Reward Content Ausgyth Gift Chest Basic Imperial Cache - Warmonger's Week Modest Imperial Cache - Warmonger's Week Luxurious Imperial Cache - Warmonger's Week Warmonger's Week Nation Reward - 1-Star Warmonger's Week Nation Reward - 2-Star Warmonger's Week Nation Reward - 3-Star Warmonger's Week Nation Reward - Victory Warmonger's Week Battle Reward - 1-Star Warmonger's Week Battle Reward - 2-Star Warmonger's Week Battle Reward - 3-Star Warmonger's Week Battle Reward - Victory 619 Colleague Encouragement Pack Basic Depleted Phlogiston Pack Basic Argent Phlogiston Pack 619 Test Opening Anniversary Pack cc Anniversary Precious Mount Box Gift Pack cc Anniversary Spirit Feather Box Gift Pack cc Anniversary Rainbow Box Gift Pack PVE Mark Pact - Level 4 PVE Mark Lucky Bag Contentedness Purse Health Box Fortune Package Lucky Box Benevolence Gift Sage Apparel Box Cute Bag Anniversary Fortune Egg Gift Mr. Perfect's Gift Treasure Bowl Big Wealth Pack Rune Magic Dumpling White Tiger Magic Dumpling Big Meat Dumpling Yolk Dumpling Chestnut Dumpling Olive Nut Dumpling Anniversary Talisman Box Southern Rain Executive Staff Villager Umbrella Wine Gourd Pandora's Box Oracle Brush Monster Scroll Olive Branch Raid Guide Reward Chest Fragrant Lantern Sunlight Lantern Dark Night Lamp Dragonsword Iron Will Divine Hammer Guardian Shield Devouring Devil Heart Wolf King Hammer Urgon Giant Mace Flame Lord Meteor Hammer Peach Heart Backpack Flag Bird Cage Bear Cub Backpack Valentine Scissors Candy Stick Flag Abacus Pisces Lamp Mushroom Backpack Big Drum Cauldron Grass Hat Golden Egg Silver Jibi Colored Egg Auspicious Fortune Egg Virulent Oldfang Volcanic Epaulets Demon Catcher Peach Lamp Banana Lamp Raiment of Celestial Storms Drunkard's Raiment of Celestial Storms Ring of the Five Elements Ultimate Ring of the Five Elements Yinyang Scope Happiness Blue Teddy Spring Lantern Rebirth Strangler Scythe Bamboo Rain Rebirth - Glory Candle's Remembrance Mr. Cuddles Old-fashioned Stem Pipe