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Altar of Swords - Envoy's Demise Altar of Swords - Envoy's Dispatch Altar of Swords - Birth of a Celestial Weapon Altar of Swords - Leave Quickly Altar of Swords - Return of Day's Return Altar of Swords - The Situation Altar of Swords - Black Shroud Altar of Swords - Vague Dream Altar of Swords - Road Ahead Envoy's Identity - The Former Emperor Envoy's Identity - Handling the Prisoner Envoy's Identity - Under the Mask Envoy's Identity - Decision to Make Envoy's Identity - Identity Doubts Envoy's Identity - Demonic Possession Envoy's Identity - Complications Envoy's Identity - Sudden Happenings Envoy's Identity - Important Job Envoy's Identity - Chasing Clues Envoy's Identity - A Plan Envoy's Identity - Comforting Words Envoy's Identity - Demonic Energy Envoy's Identity - Helping an Old Friend Envoy's Identity - Spare No Effort Envoy's Identity - The Full Story Envoy's Identity - Frustrations Envoy's Identity - Flat Denial Envoy's Identity - My Aspirations Envoy's Identity - Learning More Envoy's Identity - Extraction Envoy's Identity - Mana Reoccurence Envoy's Identity - Makeshift Remedy Envoy's Identity - Heart's Desire Envoy's Identity - Setting Out Five Lords - The Labyrinth Five Lords - Reunion with Namika Five Lords - Old Friends Five Lords - Correct Placement Five Lords - Remote Ruins Five Lords - Fantastic Place Five Lords - No Comprehension