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Helpless Caravan Civil Knowledge Test - Reciprocity Blindsided by disaster. Tiniest of clues. Search for footprint. Over & Under Return lost goods. Civil Knowledge Test - Demon Banishment Expansion Captured A Thief? A Hero! Bandit Special Skills? Minions Pet Task Mech Citadel - Sudden Strangeness Comforting Residents - Meat with Vim Comforting Residents - Hot Egrets Civil Knowledge Test - Battle Royale Comforting Residents - Beautiful Liquor Comforting Residents - Lovely Towels Comforting Residents - Chilled Fruits Mech Citadel - Citadel Diary Bounty Specialty Trading Bounty Specialty Trading Treasure Hunters - Treasure searching in the Galleon Run, Brother! (Weekly Competition) Run, Brother! 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Discordant Tunes - Unrepentant Danger in the Skies - Pure Skies Danger in the Skies - Invitation From A Priest Danger in the Skies - Array Core Danger in the Skies - Borrowing the Array Core Danger in the Skies - Persuading the Master Danger in the Skies - Rushing To Your Aid Danger in the Skies - Hard To Tell