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the Source: History of Flatlanders Fate of the Source: Highest Stage Fate of the Source: Diabolized by Mana Fate of the Source: Impossible Alone Fate of the Source: Diabolized Keeper Fate of the Source: Ashes to Ashes Fate of the Source: United We Stand Fate of the Source: Sacrificed Romance Fate of the Source: Together Forever Fate of the Source: Heavy Burden Volopine Phantasm: Illusions Abound Truth from Falsehood: Lured Away Fate of the Source: Suppression Solution Emollion Festival: Preparation Fate of the Source: The Revival The New Fox King: True Atrocity The New Fox King: Broken Celestial Weapon The New Fox King: Blackshroud Returns The New Fox King: A Nose for Celestial Weapon The New Fox King: Renewed Assault The New Fox King: Deja Vu The New Fox King: Guardian Presence The New Fox King: Nimbus Keep The New Fox King: Full Assistance The New Fox King: Until We Meet Again The New Fox King: Stonefall in Karstad Fate of the Source: History of Flatlanders Volopine Phantasm: 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