Upgrade Guild Funland Upgrade Guild Funland Misty Hollow Demonslaying * Underground Exploration The Jade Lamp Misty Hollow Demonslaying * Power of Emollion Demon Vanquish Guide Upgrade Guild Funland Upgrade Guild Funland Upgrade Guild Funland Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House The Stravendian Lyre. Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House The Stravendian Lyre. What are the benefits of fishing Start with buying fishing gear Let's start fishing What can be gained from exploration Start with buying a compass scroll. Imagine all the treasures you'll find! Learn how to fish Learn how to explore Exploration Primer Continue lecture Continue lecture Full of greater Task Rewards! Adventure Task Introduction Adventure Manuals! Refresh Adventure Manual Definition of Advanced Tasks The leader of the Adventure League is looking for me?! Iohane Dahrk is looking for you A valuable work opportunity Foraging Apprentice Title Foraging Proficiency Title Foraging Specialist's Title Foraging Master's Title Planting Apprentice Title Planting Proficiency Title Planting Specialist's Title Planting Master's Title Husbandry Apprentice Title Husbandry Proficiency Title Husbandry Specialist's Title Husbandry Master's Title Chemistry Apprentice Title Combining Proficiency Title Chemistry Specialist's Title Chemistry Master's Title Machining Apprentice Title Machining Proficiency Title Machining Specialist's Title Machining Master's Title Forging Apprentice Title Forging Proficiency Title Forging Specialist's Title Forging Master Title Tailoring Apprentice Title Tailoring Proficiency Title Tailoring Specialist's Title Tailoring Master's Title Cooking Apprentice Title Cooking Proficiency Title Cooking Specialist's Title Cooking Master's Title Printing Apprentice Title Printing Proficiency Title Printing Specialist's Title Printing Master's Title Trial of the Elite Era. The Great Era Trials Apply for the Chef position. Apply for the Attendant position. Apply for the Guild Executive position. Apply for the Dancer position. Apply for reappointment to the Chef position. Apply for reappointment to the Attendant's position. Apply for reappointment to the Guild Executive's position. Apply for reappointment to the Dancer's position. Learn how to use Life Skills. Social Level and Skill Level The Functions of Social Attributes What is Arcane Arts Production, Manufacturing and Identification Technique for filtering Main Map information Primer on Adventuring in the World Path of Trial: Conqueror Breakthrough: Conqueror Fishing Apprentice Title Fishing Proficiency Title Fishing Specialist's Title Fishing Master's Title Teamwork * Builder Initiated Teamwork * Send Information Teamwork * All for One, One for All Setup Life Components Curious Events: Interesting Applications Curious Events: Realm of Fantasy Curious Events: Delicious Peach Broth Curious Events: Fish Party Curious Events: New Kelp Wine Curious Events: Wedded Bliss in Star Velvet Curious Events: Civet the Candy Addict Add Friend Curious Events: Visiting the Master Curious Events: Odd Snack Join a Guild Mythos Equip the construction equipment Equipment identification Archeology Begin the Way of the Guide Skill Cultivation: Top Combatant Skill Cultivation: Firey Skills Skill Cultivation: Total Control Skill Cultivation: Better than Most Skill Cultivation: A Force To Reckon With Skill Cultivation: The Key To Mastery Trials - Baby Steps Growing Pains: Cultivate Skills A Master's Early Days - Darkfall Growing Pains: Turning a New Leaf Trials - Soul Grid Equipment Divine Power Activation: Soul Grid Combine Shards: Soul Grid Growing Pains: Into the Sunken Galleon Growing Pains: Path of Novitiate The Sunken Galleon: The Trial Begins Growing Pains: Equipment Enhancement Growing Pains: Inner Sanctum of the Shrine Growing Pains: Try and Try Again Hot Springs - Acumen Earth Veneration * Soul Grid Growing Pains: Instant Mobilization Growing Pains: Misty Hollow Celestial Soldier: Prowess Growing Pains: Journeyman Path Growing Pains: The Oneiric Trials Trials: Growth Power Source: Soul Grid Growing Pains * Golden Equipment Refinement Growing Pains: Grand Bulwark Celestial Soldier * Forging Growing Pains * The Wanderer Path Growing Pains: Beneath the Tower of Pain