Deep Misery: Patient Guidance Deep Misery: Thorough Inquiry Deep Misery: Objective Party Deep Misery: Thorough Investigation Deep Misery: Swift Justice Deep Misery: Close-and-Shut Case Deep Misery: Exile Abroad Serving Abroad: A Difficult Return Serving Abroad: Serving Abroad: Determined to Return Prodigal Son - Abject Monk Prodigal Son Returns: Wallowed in Wine Prodigal Son Return: Where Thee Home Prodigal Son Returns: Series of Misunderstanding Prodigal Son Returns: Imperiled Prodigal Son Returns: Kept at Arm's Length Prodigal Son Returns: This Old Book Prodigal Son Returns: Fine Eye for Treasure Prodigal Son Returns: Mystery Identity Prodigal Son Returns: Tavern Patron Prodigal Son Returns: Returned to Owner Prodigal Son Returns: Chat over a Glass Prodigal Son Returns: Sorrowed Past Prodigal Son Returns: Assassination Attempt Prodigal Son Returns: Unexpected Guest Prodigal Son Return: Friend or Foe Prodigal Son Returns: Past Resentments Prodigal Son Returns: Complete Makeover Prodigal Son Returns: Homeward Bound Prodigal Son Returns: Favor Reciprocated Daily Token: Demonslaying in Misty Hollow Strange Happenings * Mounting Pressure Creature Mutations: Monster Invasion Mutations: Collect Blood Sample Mutations: Essence Assessment Mutations: Balancing Essence Verge of Demise: Crisis at Lightning Bow Verge of Demise: Precious Old Tree Verge of Demise: Leshy's Grudge Verge of Demise: Bygones of Lightning Bow Verge of Demise: Ancient Leshy Verge of Demise: Underwater Portal Verge of Demise: Sealing the Top Verge of Demise: Sealing the Flanks Verge of Demise: Sealing the Bottom Verge of Demise: Energy Source Verge of Demise: Portal Crisis Verge of Demise: Mission Accomplished Fairy's Cliff: Mystery of the Theft Fairy's Cliff: Enigmatic Thief Fairy's Cliff: Observation Record Fairy's Cliff: Lair Beneath the Cliff Fairy's Cliff: The Disciple Absentmind Bluff: The Hermit Absentmind Bluff: Deep Sigh Absentmind Bluff: Not a Word Life's Regret: Calamity at Hand Life's Regret: Baptism by Fire Life's Regret: Improvise and Overcome Life's Regret: Lyda is Here Life's Regret: Allowed to Survive Life's Regret: Faintly Discernible Life's Regret: Awkward Confrontation Life's Regret: Angry Departure Life's Regret: Living in the Past Life's Regret: Once in a Lifetime Life's Regret: Gone with the Wind Life's Regret: Held Accountable News from Abroad: Talks About Triana News from Oversea: Over a Few Drinks News from Oversea: Coincidental Encounter News from Oversea: Proof of Theft News from Oversea: Don't Believe Everything You Heard The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Sulan Inn The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Enraged The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Unforeseen Event The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Switcheroo The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Outside Assistance The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Theft of Distillery The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Haplan the Assistant The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Getting to the Bottom The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Wine Bait The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Drunken Fox Surfaces The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Able Drinker The Lampyrian Ambrosia: Alcohol Abuse The Sojourner: Calling All Friends The Sojourner: Good Company The Sojourner: A Friend on the Move Wild Flower Stroll: Lily of the Forest Wild Flower Stroll: The Face of Romance Wild Flower Stroll: Gone with the Water Wild Flower Stroll: Lonely Petals Wild Flower Stroll: Romance Remembered Vow of a Lifetime: Secret Lovers Vow of a Lifetime: Troubled Couple Vow of a Lifetime: Proposal Vow of a Lifetime: Daddy's Little Girl Vow of a Lifetime: Take My Name Mech Citadel - Instrument Failure Mech Citadel - Component Search Malpractice: Hyphaeans of Amanita Malpractice: Self Prescription Malpractice: Frenzy Malpractice: Oops Malpractice: Prescription for Recovery Token of Apology The Alchemist: Unlucky Streak The Alchemist: Getting to the Bottom of This The Alchemist: Trouble with the Cauldron The Alchemist: Master Cremini The Alchemist: The Truth Revealed The Alchemist: Head to Head The Alchemist: Invisibility Potion The Alchemist: The Winning Way The Alchemist: Winner and Still the Champ Impending Danger: Roadside Rage Impending Danger: Assault Victim Impending Danger: Lost Survey Impending Danger: Leshy Samples Impending Danger: Return to Camp Pacification Campaign: Probing the Spider Nest Pacification Campaign: Spiderslaying Pacification Campaign: Wiltwood Territory Pacification Campaign: Leshyslaying Pacification Campaign: Report Delivery Altar of Swords - Shining Fragments Fair Trade: The Collectible of All Collectibles Fair Trade: A King's Ransom Fair Trade: Horn of the Black Whale Fair Trade: Mysterious Visitor Fair Trade: Perennial VIP Fair Trade: Precious Exchange Fair Trade: Polite Refusal Fair Trade: Find Another Way Fair Trade: Mission Completed Fair Trade: Unexpected Trouble Fair Trade: Special Origin Eventide Breeze - Elder's Trust The Black Marketeer: Undercover Investigation The Black Marketeer: Proceed with Caution The Black Marketeer: Truth Behind the Scenes The Black Market: Something Rare This Way Comes The Black Marketeer: Hand in the Cookie Jar The Black Marketeer: Time to Bail Jade Blue Horizon: Crab Nuisance Jade Blue Horizon: Cape Whalesong Jade Blue Horizon: First Sign of Trouble Jade Blue Horizon: Ideals Apart Jade Blue Horizon: Bitter Split