Pearl On Divine Power Boiled Mesona Fireproofing Medicine Fresh Honey Nylon Cloth Coal Alcohol Wine Divine Gate Building Materials Channeling Monkey Dragon's Rage Advanced Portal Building Materials Beer Scroll Aromatic Plant Scroll Condensed Starstone Small Stall Certificate 5 Fort - Mark of Might Building Materials Fort - Stencil Material - Old Iron Hook Fort - Wardens' Mark Building Material Coarse Hemp Pack Battle Reward - 2-Star Fort - Heroism Mark Building Material True Voyager's Hood (Test) Advanced Immovable Mountain Scroll 1 - Aptitude Bastion - Greatness Mark Building Material Element of Quiet Chi Spirit of Rock Sage's Brew Scroll Spirit of God's Blessing Bastion - Heroism Mark Building Material Sparkling Bamboo Jar Elegant Silk Pack Basic Crit Seal Components Backpack Expander Wooden Compass Pacifying Brew Scroll Charcoal (old) Master Chef's Tome Oxalic Acid - Old Large Backpack Expander Battle Reward - 3-Star Advanced Immovable Mountain Scroll 1 - Tao Glue (old) Ornate Cotton Pack Coarse Hemp Pack - Good Pine Resin (old) Grave Wort Identification Scroll Ordinary Cotton Pack - Good Protection PVP Mark I Protection PVP Mark II Protection PVP Mark III Protection PVP Mark IV Protection PVP Mark V Protection PVP Mark VI Protection PVP Mark VII Protection PVP Mark VIII Protection PVP Mark IX Protection PVP Mark X Fine Silk Pack - Good Mahogany Board (old) Printing Master's Tome Green Flame Battle Reward - The Unslain Advanced Skypiercer Scroll 1 - Killer Catch (old) Advanced Merciless Strike Scroll 2 - Tao Black Fire Antwood Identification Scroll Fir Tree Identification Scroll Light Crossbow (old) Berserk PVP Mark I Berserk PVP Mark II Berserk PVP Mark III Berserk PVP Mark IV Berserk PVP Mark V Berserk PVP Mark VI Berserk PVP Mark VII Berserk PVP Mark VIII Berserk PVP Mark IX Berserk PVP Mark X Creation Flame Bamboo String (old) Element of Piercing Focus Tier Bead Local Arena IV - 3rd Place Pinewood Board - Old Eustite Ore Identification Scroll Rainbow Stone Ore Scroll Spacetime Jade De-oxidizer - Type I Sacred Cherry - Old PVE Mark Contract I Local Arena IV - Top 10 Sea Deity Leather Helmet Eternal Heaven Bracers Hoarfrost - Nine Turns PVE Mark Contract III Boulder Bracers (Old) Dragon Wings - Nether Bloodstained Armor Type 3 Tool Potential Modification Depleted Phlogiston Argent Phlogiston Red Phlogiston Azure Phlogiston Copper Bracers Rose Flower PVE Mark Contract VI (Old) Black Gold Angel Shining Twin Blades Astral Greatvoice Gilded Bracers Lucky Needle and Thread Deathmatch Bracers Battleflame Moonbeam Windbone Wild Wind Pale Star Ironsoul Twin Blades Night Rose Windwalker Snow Queen Visionary Scarlet Herald Imperial Livery Punisher Blossom Autumn Leaf Thunder Run Black Swallow Enigma Terrene Bracers Seasonal Rain Deep Brocade Celebration Outfit Soloist Battleflame Moonbeam Windbone Wild Wind Pale Star Luxury Outfit Visionary Scarlet Herald Imperial Livery Thunder Run Elegant