Empty Water Jug Full Water Jug Raw Egg Hot Springs Egg Special Dried Meat Redfang Wolf Soul Elemental Stones N/A Beauty's Awakening Grass Ugly Grass Loose Cargo Steak Special Dried Meat Island Fish Roll Loose Cargo Loose Cargo Nation Reward - The Unslain Heart-shaped Lock Discarded Dance Shoe Discarded Dance Clothes Discarded Handkerchief Red Dance Shoes Prize Boar Meat Zanis Korr Red Robe Snuffler Meat Beef Shoulder Saflee Iar Peerless Steak Deer Leg Meat Gabla Daemaer Gabla Daemaer's Venison Opened Introduction Letter Wild Spirit Grass Blossom Necklace Large Stele Forest Template Medium Stele Forest Template Small Stele Forest Template Template Shard I Template Shard II Blossom Necklace Template Shard IV Leather Scroll Lotus Leaf Armor Plate Scroll Antidote Materials Elegant Silk Pack Scroll Prunella Alliance Texts Advanced Mobile Cannon Components Quality Sorghum Liquor Gourmet Food Bag of Gythil Delicious Dessert White Vanilla Weeds Camel Beast Element of Robust Psyche Venom Wolf Treasure Conclave Necklace Cloth Pocket Egret Meat Cooked Egret Occident Stag Venison Roast Meat Herb Vintage Wine Nutritious Wine Fresh Towel Soaked Towel Payment Voucher Icetown Fruit Plate Hopping Frog Firewood Honey Chicken Fruit Superior Stone Northern Wolf Spy Manuscript Carriage Camel Beast Cart Cargo Airship Combat Airship Meat Wrapped in a Lotus Leaf Basic Cannon Combination Material (old) Pearl Nirvana Necklace - Spirit Leshy Powder Bird Feather Volume Fragment Volume Page Firefang Band Mentha Leaf Andorr Val's Package Volopine Ambrosia Emollion Sweetwine Luwak Liquor Ice Cube Mentha Leaf Red Blood Plasma Fruit Stew Cool Summer Tropical Fruit Wine Specialty Shop Distribution Angel's Kiss Lotus Mooncake Icy Crust Mooncakes Olive Nut Mooncakes Fresh Hairy Crab Antidote Axe Head Disgusting Bug Strange Fruit Eighty-two year Lampyrian Ambrosia Lotus Roasted Meat Powerful Hand Grenade Tactician - Mountain Armor ★★★ Common Repair Pack Scroll Common Accessory Repair Pack Scroll Excellent Repair Pack Scroll Excellent Accessory Repair Pack Scroll A Book Black Crow Scroll Adventurer's Hat Scroll Adventure Master's Hat Scroll Demon Horns Scroll Three-leaf Clover Four-leaf Clover Flatlander Spirit Falmari Bloodtear Wingar Goldenwing Roasted Chestnuts Perfect Sashimi Half-cooked Dish Tattered Clothes Fatima Felt A Gold Hairpin Eyewitness's Testimony Eyewitness's Testimony Eyewitness's Testimony Father's Corpse Mother's Corpse Peeled Chestnut Nameplate Sulan Inn VIP Card Scrapped Aircraft Advanced Immovable Mountain Scroll 1 - Killer List of hot air balloon materials Bamboo