Package Empty Bottle Blossom Ring Corydalis Clot Grass Slippery Arrow Ursid Protest Letter Leshy Branch Undying Ring Fish Meat Wingar's Reply Medicine Void Rage Ring Basket of Food Empty Basket Old Letter Four Treasures Wendell Thahan's Letter Windunner Ring Used Sensory Beads Sword Pendant Calming Medicine Lovelorn Grass Advanced Sanctification Scroll 1 - Aptitude Essence Crystal Ruby Ring Lightning Crystal Mine Honey-roasted Chicken Sandwiched Box Kye Leafbore's Talisman Villager's Body Contract Trafficker Directory Returned Body Contract Splendid Ring Old Volume Swordmage Elder Clothing Grindstone Divine Sword Demon Spider Blood Sample Testing Device Oyster Pearl Elemental Rhythm Orb (Earth) Blossom Ring Elemental Rhythm Orb (Wind) Glass of Wine Advanced Firefly Hex Scroll 1 - Aptitude Torch Millennium Spirit Wood Broken Pot Spout Broken Pot Cap Inductor (Earth) Purple Teapot French Steak Recipe Steak Valuable Medicine Key Locked Treasure Chest Serrated Reel - Control Apple Vinegar Recipe Apple Ritual Artifact Genesis Apple Juice Black Empress Celestial Weapon Advanced Essence of Spring Scroll 2 - Killer Observation Record - Top Cotton Pack Scroll Fine Silk Pack Scroll Brocade Pack Scroll Water Source Crystal Obsidian Udumbara Cup of Light Wine Water Bottle Cotton Pack Scroll Glass of Pear Wine Glass of mulberry wine. Green Augite Silverstone Pearflower - Old Wine Pot Small Gong Water Jug Barrel of River Water Peach Petals Fallen Flower Red Ticket Azure Tickets Red Ticket Azure Tickets Silverstone Redfire Ore Rejuvenating Medicine Basella Nectar Herb Dregs Sample Antidote Jade Mountain Stones (Waste) Leshy Sample Strange Totem Hyphaean Doll Bloodstained Totem Broken Totem Cracked Totem Passage Token Rune Troop Movement Document Armament Transfer Document Provisions Transfer Document Black Powder Crate Cannon Fuse General Print Sand Plant Bone Fossil Rewards Wineglass Glass of Wine Blackshroud's Clothing Secret League Fragment Paper Rubbing Advanced Shaper's Succor Scroll 1 - Spirit Burning Plains Torch Lord's Reply Sea Pearl Unison Blood Dew Leviathan's Eye The Watcher's Archeology Sidus Ur Commerce Center Letter Purchase List Gift List Sea Map Fragment Mother Whale Horn Minnie Fogvale Ocean Fish Small Cup of Coconut Wine Bucket of Coconut Milk Horseradish Root Wooden Bead Bracelet Stone Gloves History of the Battles for Iceridge Pass History of the Northern Wolf Tribes Karstad Western Border Strategy Ashfall Ring Locked Cage Wood Iron Nails Barbed Wire Tattered Pages Sealed Weapon