Birth Crystal XII (Bound) Death Crystal XI (Bound) Death Crystal XII (Bound) Refined Totem Flight Totem Poltergeist Totem Masterpiece Totem Fire Breaker Bolt Soul Skill Fire Thunder Run Soul Skill Fire Rolling Thunder Soul Skill Vortex Soul Skill of Fire Fire Judgment Soul Skill Advanced Broken Array Scroll 1 - Aptitude Fire Starblade Soul Skill Fire Void Soul Skill Flame Dark Moon Soul Skill Refined Staff Flight Staff Poltergeist Staff Masterpiece Staff Fire Thunderstorm Soul Skill Advanced Crippling Bolt Scroll 2 - Punishment Fire Running Deer Soul Skill Advanced Crippling Bolt Scroll 1 - Blessing Long Chair (Test) House Transfer Stone Fairytale House Deed - Two bedroom, one living room House Deed - Two Bedroom, two living room Fire Ferrous Soul Skill Fire Arcane Soul Skill Fire Spectral Night Soul Skill Boar Meat Fire Death Soul Skill Moonbeam Fire Aurora Soul Skill Advanced Fearless Scroll 2 - Blessing Chaos Drink - Initial Heavenly Bow - Austere Dragon Wings - Yellow Spring Vitality Obsidian Pants White Night Immortal Turtle Shell Stele Forest Template - Shard Combination Stencil Tablets Record of the Awakened Herb Hereswith Soya Comb Magpie Flight Wheat Stencil Tools Water Pot of Lakewater Lilac Maiden's Grace Guard Token Peach Resin Long Hair - Pure Up-do - Pure Layered - Pure Curls - Beautiful Soul Grid Panel Advanced Searing Wake Scroll 1 - Aptitude Accolade - Superstar Accolade - Popularity Upstart Frost Star Demolisher Golden Bough Merganin Shell Tide Lurker's Turtle Shell Cleared Passport Flight Leather Helm 5-person Roundtable Refined Osmanthus Mooncake Lotus Heart Mooncake Sesame Demonslaying Mooncake Good Year Wine Kungfu Mooncake of the Bedrock Kungfu Mooncake of God's Blessing Kungfu Mooncake of Agility Kungfu Mooncake of Tortoise Shell Kungfu Mooncake of Spirit Shell Kungfu Mooncake of Roly Poly Kungfu Mooncake of Impunity Kungfu Mooncake of Purification Kungfu Mooncake of the Iron Curtain The Peace Ambassador's Certification Manual. The Peace Ambassador's Certification Manual. Small Refined Osmanthus Mooncake Small Lotus Heart Mooncake Anger Medicine Charm Flower Soothing Pill Collection Template Chocolate Rose Chocolate Rose Froso Grasswind Valentine's Day Chocolate Crude Ore Fireworks Fox Boss's List Pearl Robbed Medicine Puppet's Heart Pineapple Jelly Bean Snow Spirit Essence Strawberry Jelly Bean Cantaloupe Jelly Bean Peach Jelly Bean Raspberry Jelly Bean Lemon Jelly Bean Lychee Jelly Bean Grape Jelly Bean Horsehead Accolade - Social Butterfly Accolade - Supreme Reveler Accolade - Parvenu Par Excellence Banner of the Moongazer Woodman Osmanthus Cake Sulan Inn VIP Card Spirit Contamination Christmas Costume - Santa Claus Bunny Shabby Forged Letter of Invitation Archaeological Record Sage's Brew Tasting Record Chestnut Kettle Fragment Peach Wine Zoe Kruger's Poetry Collection Preserves Bun Dark Progenitor's Energy Gunnagal's Sash Flame Lord's Strength A Book Arrow Beast King's Secret Orders Chestnut Shell Ancient Scroll A Secret Letter Jade Pendant Mooncake Wooden Stave Odd Stone Mulberry Wine