Advanced Recovery Medicine Level 1 Fortifying Dish Level 2 Fortifying Dish Special Wine Level 1 PVE Mark Level 2 PVE Mark Level 3 PVE Mark Level 4 PVE Mark Level 5 PVE Mark Level 2 PVP Mark Level 3 PVP Mark Level 4 PVP Mark Primary Treatise on Cultivation Intermediate Treatise on Cultivation Advanced Treatise on Cultivation Special Skill Book Gold Soul Grid Panel for all classes 45 Gold Equipment Materials 75 Gold Equipment Materials Art Rare Item Magic Core Demon Soul 20-29 Blue Equipment Cultivation Certificate - Attack Cultivation Certificate - Defense Cultivation Certificate - Heal Starfall Wine - Guild Treasure Map Treasure Map Treasure Map Treasure Map Treasure Map Treasure Map Pirate Crew Favor Rewards Bloodclaw Crest Hornling Sludge Rune Pirate Loot Transport Rewards Darkscale Essence Collection Rewards Rewards for Defeating Darkscale Priest Darkscale King Legacy Rewards Darkscale King Rebirth Rewards Master Wings King's Divine Wings Dear John Letter 70-75 Purple Equipment Aptitude activated Event Item Reduce Bloodlust Beast King's Seal A letter Vermillon Bird's Flaming Pinion Guild Fealty 45-49 Shrine Gold Equipment Level 55-59 Great Wall Gold Equipment 65-69 Mech Gold Equipment 75-79 Altar of Swords Gold Equipment 45-49 Shrine Gold Weapons Odd Stone Notes Graduation Gift Appointed Title Harmony Talisman Moonwater Talisman PVE Mark PVP Mark Daoist Star Impunity Rune Removal Sigils Seasonal Rain Talisman Soul Crystal Chaos Crystal Orange Weapon Materials Seafood Coral Fish Oil Fennel Herb Mushrooms Ginseng Rouge Tea Set Sublime Talisman Cotton Hemp Leather Green Tea Steel Sword Armor Wood Carvings Spices Dye Charcoal Felt Snow Lotus Sweets Preserves Royal Jelly Moonwater Waist Ornament Writing Paper Oak Gall Ink Seasoning Cured Meat Traveler's Wine Brocade Porcelain Jewels Taro Cakes Black Tea Wine Bowl Maize Pig Iron Fireworks Barley Brewer's Yeast Volopine Ambrosia Quicksand Stones Tung Oil River Fish Emery Sapphire Agate Crossbow Pike Fortress Firewater Birch Antlers Reishi Fungus Pottery Glass Rubies Tents Harnesses Pistol Animal Horns Gold Dust Crystals Dropped Cargo Complimentary Materials Reward Title Complimentary Materials Reward Title Mount Gift Rewards Complimentary Materials Reward Title Wings Gift Rewards Reach level 55 Reach Level 59 Straight to Level 55 Plus Reach Level 59 Plus Swordmage - World-Renowned - First-Generation Swordmage - Glorious - First-Generation Swordmage - Legendary Blade - First-Generation Swordmage - Deadly Monk - First-Generation Gunslinger - Mortal God - First-Generation Gunslinger - Veritable Madman - First-Generation Gunslinger - Warrior of Fire - First-Generation