Advanced Shattered Abyss Scroll 1 - Dark Advanced Occultist's Gift Scroll 1 - Light Advanced Occultist's Gift Scroll 1 - Aptitude Advanced Occultist's Gift Scroll 1 - Dark Advanced Adapt Scroll 1 - Light Advanced Adapt Scroll 1 - Dark Advanced Void Cycle Scroll 2 - Dark Red Worm Crystal Shrimp Expert Quick Slash Scroll 1 - Killer Blue Snapper Giant Lizard Meat Level two Blademaster Path Element Octopus Tentacles Blue Starfish Redflame Mushroom Crystal Jellyfish Violet Charm Strong (Small) Strong (Medium) Strong (Large) Astute (Small) Astute (Medium) Astute (Large) Coarse Brew Tepid Brew Mollifying Brew Pacifying Brew Piercing (Small) Piercing (Medium) Piercing (Large) Level two Gunslinger Path Element Old Elixir of Haste Manual on Fishing Techniques Fishing Tricks Manual Tide Lurker's Turtle Shell Starshadow Phosphorous Level two Spirit Shaper Path Element Ancient Peregrine Wound Medicine Basic Turret Scroll Level two Occultist Path Element Fire Smite Soul Skill Thunder Smite Soul Skill Fire Guard Soul Skill Wind Guard Soul Skill Fire Skyfire Soul Skill Wind Skyfire Soul Skill Fire Frozen Moon Soul Skill Wind Frozen Moon Soul Skill Fire Pentastrike Soul Skill Wind Pentastrike Soul Skill Fire Soul Extinguish Soul Skill Wind Soul Extinguish Soul Skill Fire Arctic Soul Skill Wind Arctic Soul Skill Fire Lotus Soul Skill Wind Lotus Soul Skill Fire Explosive Fissure Soul Skill Bait Pack - Crystal Shrimp Bait Pack - Blue Snapper Bait Pack - Giant Lizard Meat Bait Pack - Octopus Tentacles Blue Starfish Bait Pack Bait Pack - Redflame Mushroom Bait Pack - Crystal Jellyfish Bait Pack - Violet Charm Dragon Viper Meat Giantwood Root Advanced Green Vines Scroll 1 - Aptitude Item Shop Chest Rainbow Box (Shop) Rainbow Box Ornate Cotton Pack Vanisher's Scroll Gift Pack Vanisher's Conch Gift Pack Astral Greatvoice Gift Pack Journey from Lampyr x12 Precious Mount Box (Shop) Spirit Feather Box (Shop) Low-level Upgrade Featherstone Mid-level Upgrade Featherstone High-level Upgrade Featherstone Morph Featherstone Mount Spirit Book Low-level Mount Stone Mid-level Mount Stone High-level Mount Stone Windrider Feathers Gift Pack Jigsaw Spirit Shaper Box Dark Starstone Pale Starstone Obsidian Starstone Black Fire Ancient Demonflame Creation Flame Tier Bead x6 Starfish Stones De-oxidizer - Type II De-oxidizer - Type III De-oxidizer - Type IV Backpack Expander Backpack Expander x12 Green Fire x10 Egret Feathers Gift Pack Red Ticket PVE Mark Contract I PVE Mark Contract II PVE Mark Contract III Special Skill - Broken Seal Stone Maker Cleansing Scroll Fragment Small Willow Oil Bottle Fortune Bag Auspicious Red Envelope Tome of Forgiveness Manuscript Carved Rune I Carved Rune II Carved Rune III Revelation Love Gift Pack Kissing Lover - Beautiful Gift Kissing Lover - Handsome Gift Enthusiast - Vanguard Enthusiast - Swordmage Enthusiast - Blademaster Primary Gate Enthusiast - Spirit Shaper Advanced Gate Heart of Demonflame Eager Bonus Pack Prowess Bonus Pack Grace Bonus Pack Icing on the Cake Bonus Pack Starter Helper Pack - Vanguard Starter Helper Pack - Swordmage Starter Helper Pack - Blademaster Starter Helper Pack - Gunslinger Starter Helper Pack - Spirit Shaper Starter Helper Pack - Occultist Ladies' Pack - Beautiful Ladies' Pack - Handsome Emerald Experience Pack First Sounding Necklace Bloodlust Salve x12 General's Trinket x8 Carved Rune IV Bloodlust Salve Returning Soul Restorative Philter