Let’s start before you start, so to speak, with one of Eddi

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Let’s start before you start, so to speak, with one of Eddi

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A brick is building fabric used to build walls Iman Marshall Womens Jersey , pavements and other elements in ashlars construction. Traditionally, the word brick referred to a unit collected of clay, but it is now used to indicate any rectangular units lay in mortar. A brick can be collected of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime Ben Powers Womens Jersey , or solid materials. Bricks are formed in numerous classes, types, materials, and sizes which differ with region and time period, and are produced in bulk amounts.

Use of Brick

Brick plays very significant role in the ground of civil engineering production. Bricks are used as an option of stones in construction purpose.

Parts of Bricks


A brick arranged flat with its long narrow side exposed.

A brick arranged flat with its width exposed.

The bed is the horizontal cover of mortar where brick units are arranged.

A perforation on the longer side of a brick prepared with the object of shaping an indentation for the mortar. This concave depression also reduces the weight and makes it easier to handle. The strength of the frog is usually between 10 to 20 mm. Frogged bricks should lay with the frog increasing and fill up with mortar. The reason is to obtain higher potency Justice Hill Womens Jersey , strength, and sound insulation.

The sharp curve edges of a brick.

Difference between outer edge and inner edge

Characteristics of Good Bricks

It is always pleasing to use the best worth brick in constructions. Therefore, the Characteristics of a high-quality brick must be examined. Generally good quality bricks possesses following properties-

鈥ricks should be consistent in color, size and shape. Customary size of brick should be maintained.
鈥hey should be sound and dense.
鈥hey should be free from breaks and other defects such as air bubbles, marble nodules etc. with sharp and square edges.
鈥ricks should not soak up more than 1鈦? of their own weight of water when engrossed in water for 24 hours.
鈥he compressive power of bricks should be in variety of 2000 to 5000 psi.
鈥alt assault hampers the durability of brick. The presence of surplus soluble salts in brick also causes efflorescence.
鈥rick should not change in volume when damped.
鈥ricks are supposed to neither over burnt nor under-brunt.
鈥sually Miles Boykin Womens Jersey , the weight per brick should be 6 lbs. and the unit weight should be less than 125 lbs. per cubic ft.
鈥he thermal conductivity of bricks should be low as it is desirable that the building built with them should be cool in summer and warm in winter.
鈥ricks should be sound resistant.
鈥ricks should be non-inflammable and fireproof.
鈥ricks should be free from lime pitting.

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