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Roll-A-Mount 25 Cold Laminator Review Business Articles | March 21 Avery Bradley Jersey , 2012
Have you been looking for a versatile cold laminator that will allow you to use a variety of supplies? This device has a lot of strengths as well as a few weakness you will want to consider. Check them out:

Have you been looking for a versatile cold laminator that will allow you to use a variety of supplies? If so, the Roll-A-Mount 25 may be just the right machine for your needs. This device has a lot of strengths as well as a few weakness you will want to consider. Check them out:


The Roll-A-Mount is designed for use with materials that are up to 25" wide. Thus, it's a good choice if you regularly work with large items like posters, blueprints, mockups Kyle Kuzma Jersey , and so on.

This device only works with pressure-sensitive laminate. Since this is a manual machine, you don't need to let the machine warm up, there is no smell, and it's extremely safe to use. Also, you will be able to laminate and mount heat-sensitive items such as photographs.

The Roll-A-Mount is compatible with a number of supplies including laminating film Magic Johnson Jersey , mounting boards, and boards containing pre-applied adhesive. If you choose to use boards with this device, they can be up to 1" thick. All together, you will be able to use a combination of supplies to get the results you need.

This laminator features silicone rollers to ensure that everything is smoothly processed. The rollers are smooth enough that your items and supplies won't stick to them.

Overall, the Roll-A-Mount is well-constructed Kobe Bryant Jersey , if a bit industrial-looking. The device has a metal feed tray and exit table, so you can expect to get a lot of use out of it.

Finally, this laminator is backed by a 1-year warranty. (The rollers aren't covered by the warranty, unfortunately.)


Since the Roll-A-Mount is meant for processing large materials, it almost goes without saying that it's far from compact. Its dimensions are 12" (height) x 33" (width) x 19" (depth) so you can expect it to take up a lot of room. You should measure your work area to ensure that you'll have enough room for it.

If you prefer to work with thermal supplies LeBron James Jersey , the Roll-A-Mount definitely isn't the machine for you. However, this device is a great choice if you prefer working with pressure-sensitive supplies.

As noted above, the Roll-A-Mount is a manual device. Therefore, you might find it tiring to crank out a lot of documents.

And finally, this device isn't the most aesthetically pleasing laminator in the world. But it is a workhorse and will probably give you the results you need.

As you can see DeMarcus Cousins Jersey , the Roll-A-Mount 25 has some weaknesses but overall, its strengths outweigh them. (That is, unless you're dead-set on using a thermal laminator.) This device is an excellent choice if you want a manual laminator that can handle large materials. It's great that this machine can handle mounting boards and that is has silicone rollers for a smooth finish. True, the Roll-A-Mount 25 is rather large and it's not an automated device, but overall it's a machine to check out if you need a cold laminator.

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