High Frequency Forging Heating Equipment price

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High Frequency Forging Heating Equipment price

Postby lovesun222 » 26 Feb 2019, 03:42

The main function of the steel plate flat steel heating forming equipment is the partial or overall heating of the other steel, steel plate, flat steel, diathermy, plus heat after bending, folded into the user's desired angle, such as 90 degrees, 120 degrees, etc. After diathermy or forging due to heat, each user has different uses in the post-sequence. The "Front steel plate flat steel heating and forming equipment" specially provided by our company is available in various models to meet different users' heating requirements for different sizes of workpieces, and our equipment With high heating efficiency, it takes only a few seconds and is a non-polluting product.
Flat steel plate flat steel heating forming equipment also known as: square steel forging furnace, square steel melting furnace, intermediate frequency melting furnace, metal bar material heat treatment equipment, round steel diathermal furnace, bar medium frequency diathermy furnace, square steel diathermy smelting furnace, round steel forging furnaces, rod material permeable forging furnaces, etc.
Product features: adjustable power, induction heating, fast heating speed, high efficiency, energy saving, energy saving, infrared thermometer, temperature control, wide heating range, strong applicability, only metal induction heating, Safer, greener!
Square steel plate flat steel heating forming equipment main features:
1, for a variety of carbon steel, iron and other bar heating;
2, high frequency heating Φ45 the following bar, more heat, more uniform and more rapid; medium frequency heating diameter 100/15kg round steel, square steel and other hot forging;
3, ultra-small size, removable, covers an area of only 2 square meters, easy to use with any forging and rolling equipment;
4, induction heating, the bar in a very short period of time to heat to the desired temperature, greatly reducing the metal oxidation, both saving material and improve the quality of forging;
5, automatic feeding; power saving, environmental protection, reduce costs and manpower expenses;
6, easy to replace the sensor to adapt to the bar heating or heating the end of the different requirements;
Wide range of product applications: Various round steel, square steel, bar stock, round cakes, round tubes, steel plates, steel rings, fasteners, high strength bolt nuts, automotive U-bolt nuts, stainless steel bolt nuts, bolts and nuts, bearings, Heat-forging of bearing rings, flanges, cross shafts, camshafts, axle shafts, flange forks, universal joints, etc.
The main advantages of the steel plate flat steel heating forming equipment are:
Main features: small size, high power, fast heating, transparent core, and electricity.
Power-saving situation: Compared with the old-fashioned thyristor intermediate frequency, the SCR medium-frequency heating uses about 470 degrees per ton of workpiece. My company's new medium-frequency power is about 350 degrees. Each ton of province burns more than 100 kWh. As long as the burning of about 500 tons, the provincial power bill can be recovered equipment investment.
Circuit characteristics: The main device uses IGBT module, the circuit uses uncontrolled full-bridge rectification, capacitor filtering, bridge inverter, and series resonant output. There are fundamental differences between using thyristor parallel resonance with older IFs.
Power-saving principle: no controllable rectifier, rectifier circuit fully conductive. High power factor, voltage-type series resonance, etc., determine this device greatly saves power.High Frequency Forging Heating Equipment price
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