Some Ideas

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Some Ideas

Postby Aikanaro » 02 Jan 2018, 09:16

Link the resource bag to the inventory bag so when your in crafting or doing a quest that requires a resource you have in the resource bag it will be listed. Currently you have to go to the resource bag and move them into the inventory bag to be discovered.

Auto pilot, has a tendency to hug you onto a wall or barrier when moving, could you find a way improve this, when flying it makes you follow a walking path which would be funny if it didn't add a huge amount of unnecessary travel. I know you can go manual, but auto lets me go to the database and try to figure out what I need or how do I use this item and who do I take it to (annex of benediction as an example). When flying it runs you into anything that has an upward incline making you either stop or jerk up and down.

Dont get me wrong.. love the game (not happy about the pk aspect) but overall good game, just needs some fine tuning and lots english editing. One end to quest he says will leave them but it should be lead them... :banghead:
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Re: Some Ideas

Postby ojoj » 25 Apr 2018, 16:13

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